Never before seen Trailer for History Channel new show ‘Jesus: His Life’



The new 8-part series, Jesus: His Life premieres on Monday, March 25 just in time for Easter, on The History Channel. The show airs over 4 weeks and is an epic retelling of the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of those who knew him best.   

Jesus: His Life is an epic new drama-doc series revealing the enigmatic figure of Jesus as never before seen: through the eyes of the people closest to Him. Family, friends, followers, and those whose lives cross with his in dramatic ways create a 360 portrait of Jesus — the man and the Messiah — from eight different and intimate perspectives: Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary, Caiaphas, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Pontius Pilate, and Judas Iscariot.

The series features a diverse group of contributing scholars, faith leaders, and theologians, including Bishop Michael Curry, Reverend Gabriel Salguero, and Dr. Ben Witherington III. 


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