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A New Overwatch character Has Arrived…Doomfist

A New Overwatch character Has Arrived…Doomfist

Written by: Junae Benne

A new Overwatch character has arrived, Doomfist. He is a villain or at least the bad guy who was put in jail by Overwatch member Winston. We learn a bit more about Doomfists history through his trailer and hearing Jeff Kaplan, a developer for Overwatch, tell us a bit more about him.

Doomfist enters the Overwatch lineup as the newest playable character after breaking out of jail. He is one of the Talon’s counselors. Talon is a terrorist organization responsible to the mishaps around the globe. A few other members of Talon are Widow Maker and Reaper. We’ll continually learn about Talon through Doomfist.

Doomfist was hinted at early on when we see Widow Maker attempting to steal the gauntlet in Numbani but is stopped by Tracer and Winston.  

Doomfist Trailer

Doomfist has a similar vision as Winston, which is to save the world and put it in peace, he believes this can only be done through force and violence. This is what sparked a fight between him and Winston which left him behind bars. Now he has broken free, returned to Numbani to get his fist to continue on his quest to force his world view upon the citizens of earth.

He’s an offensive character, he could mostly be used for flanking and has a few melee combat abilities.

Doomfist’s first ability is

  • Rocket Punch, a wind up attack that gains more power the longer you hold down the button and charge it up. Bad news Reinhardt and Orisa, it will go through barriers. It deals a lot of damage if you knock your opponent into a wall.
  • Rising Uppercut allows him to leap into air taking the enemy with him. Seismic Slam can be combined with the Rising Uppercut and do massive damager. This attack is done with his gauntlet which stuns the enemy and brings them closer to get that hand to hand combat damage. It has a visual tell so perhaps that’ll help you prepare to counter it.
  • Hand Cannon Doomfist’s primary attack is a shotgun loaded into each one of his knuckles; which can be fired off one after another or save them to do a more rhythmic attack.
  • Meteor Strike is the Ultimate attack. It’s an aerial attack which gets a bird’s eye view of the map that allows him to land a blow on the target of his choosing. Not only does this deal damager to specified target but also to nearby ones. If Meteor Strike doesn’t take out the intended enemy, it can be combo-ed with moves for finishing attacks.

He is a flank character with a passive ability, Best Defense. Whenever Doomfist lands a punch he gets a shield. Every punch makes the shield stronger and that will allow him to survive a bit longer. However, this shield is not permanent, it will dissolve with time.

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Read up on his origin story:

Dev Update

IMO: From viewing the gameplay, his shotgun knuckles have some range. He was aiming at Pharah and doing some damage.


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