ShadowBlack Entertainment, a comic book company based in Lagos, Nigeria, officially launched their most recent project, a comic book for African girls called Vera and the Dream Thief. Vera is a twelve year old girl who is president of her school’s press club and solves complex mysteries with the help of her two male best friends, Efe and Lucky.

ShadowBlack’s co-founder and CEO, Peter Ike Amadi, told the press that in an industry filled with so many macho superhero stories, Vera and the Dream Thief is a breath of fresh air. “Comicbook stories are in dire need of strong, intelligent, leading ladies of African descent,” he said. “And Vera fills that role perfectly. Reactions to her story have been extremely positive and the company is working on getting it out in print early next year. I really hope we can get young girls to read comics too. It’s no longer a boy’s club.”

You can read the fully illustrated prose version right here for free.


To find out more about Vera and the Dream Thief, please visit the Facebook page.


Shadowblack has been publishing African comics for close to a decade.





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