Review By: Kai Charles

The Girl with All the Gifts was a fan favorite novel of M.R Carey’s with a well-received independent film adaption. The Boy on the Bridge is a sequel of sorts with a wealth of backstory on the world before The Girl with All the Gifts.

The story opens with an examination of the daily lives of a group of scientists with the Rosalind Franklin, their mobile lab, being their protection against the undead hungries that have devastated the world.

The Boy on the Bridge is a slow, insistent, journey to an inevitable outcome. The clash of military and scientists, coupled with the young scientist prodigy Greaves, gives readers a variety of characters to root for and be concerned over.

I’m a huge fan of Carey’s writing style. Opening a page in one of his books is an immersive experience that leaves you wanting more.Though this book can be approached as a standalone read, your reading pleasure will increase if you read Girl With All The Gifts first.


Kai Charles is a Medical Professional,  Jedi Hopeful, and Independent Book Reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter @yogikai, tweeting about all things relating to Books & Geek Culture

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