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SDCC Exclusive: ‘Ironfist’ Cast Spills the Tea on Season 2

SDCC Exclusive: ‘Ironfist’ Cast Spills the Tea on Season 2

The Marvel Ironfist cast and the new showrunner Raven Metzner sat down with BGN at SDCC to chat about what seems like a sea change for the show in season two. They spilled so much tea on the next season that we decided to present in a list of the top 7 juicy nuggets of Ironfist season 2 info.

  1. There’s a new captain at the helm of the show. You all may know that Raven Metzner is the new showrunner, but did you know that he only met Finn Jones, who plays Danny Rand, after Metzner’s some mopped the floor with Jone on a game of Mortal Kombat. The boy took Jones over to meet his dad and The two met. They hung out for the rest of the day.
  2. This season is all about Ironfist. Metzner told us that Luke Cage’s Mike Colter won’t be onscreen to help Danny out make the season a team effort. He didn’t say anything about Jessica Jones showing up though.
  3. They are giving us some more Misty Simone Missick will be reprising her role as Misty in the second season of Ironfist. Missick said, “Misty is outside of Harlem.” She mentioned that her character will meet a new batch of supers, in a new environment. She will be doing some serious adjusting.
  4. Danny and Colleen are cohabitating. We will see the relationship growing between Colleen and Danny as he moves in and must adjust to living with someone. He also has to get used to having a girlfriend.
  5. But, they won’t be alone the whole time. Missick tells us that Misty will be “the third wheel” in Danny and Colleen’s relationship. Remember, Misty is adjusting to the new environment, so that means clinging a little tighter to the familiar. “Misty is the third wheel on Colleen and Danny’s date nights. She’s always showing up when they are trying to drink some tea…” We need to get Misty something to do!
  6. Colleen and Misty are BFFs. The women are navigating Colleen’s guilt over Misty’s arm–she thinks she is responsible even though Misty doesn’t even see it that way. Misty is doing her adjustments too and so they sort of lean on one another in a relationship that may seem odd to outsiders. Missick promises humor, though. So, these strong women won’t be doing the stereotypical cat fighting mess we see in other shows.
  7. Don’t expect a visit from the doctor. Claire’s story is going in another direction, so she will not be in this season. That does not mean the door is closed on her character for good. Executive producer Jeph Loeb told us that it’s all about the story and that the show will bring Claire back “when the story lends itself to that place [Claire’s return], she’s available.” Let’s hope this happens soon. I want Claire to join in all the girl power on Ironfist this season.
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Ironfist Season 2 will air September 7, 2018.

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