Altered Carbon

Black Girl Nerds interviewed the cast of season 2 series of the Netflix sci-fi phenomenon Altered Carbon.

In Altered Carbon, society is transformed by new technology: consciousness can be digitized; human bodies are interchangeable; death is no longer permanent.

In the interviews featured below TV reporter, Alex Jackson asks about transformation into new lives, the increased diversity this season and so much more! We speak with Anthony Mackie (Takeshi Kovacs), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Quellcrist Falconer), Simone Missick (Trepp) Lela Loren (Governor Danica Harlan), Torben Liebrecht (Ivan Carrera)
Chris Conner (Poe), and Dina Dhiabhi (Dig 301).

Season 2 of Altered Carbon is currently streaming on Netflix.

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