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The Story of Asorock Watches and Giving Back to Africa

The Story of Asorock Watches and Giving Back to Africa

Written by Tracy Akinfenwa

Back in 2016, two young African-American college friends joined forces to create a watch company. These days, it’s fair to say that watch companies are plentiful. From established long-term brands such as Rolex, to new, cheaper start-ups…it seems that almost every other Instagram advert is trying to plug the next big watch brand. However, Asorock is different. Unlike most watch companies, Asorock genuinely gives back and has a charitable cause. 

So, what is it? 

Part of Asorock’s pledge is to donate parts of their profit to fund educational schemes in Africa. Founders Ben Iroala and Andrew Mutale are both from Nigerian and Zambian roots, respectively. Due this year, the proceeds of Asorock will be building a state-of-the-art library in a Nigerian village.

According to Asorock, their money will build a library for students that will be filled with computers and wifi. This will help connect these kids to the wider world and most importantly, learn. Through learning, they will undoubtedly improve their futures – as the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. What’s even cooler about this project is that each backer who helped fund their original start-up costs will also have their name inscribed on the back of the building. With this in mind, the Asorock company is arguably more than just a brand, it’s actually making change and helping lives. Other than Toms, not many large companies can say this.

To add to their impressive resume, Asorock has also grown from strength to strength over their 5 year period. Beginning with just a handful of designs, their collection has now grown massively. These watches are reasonably priced too, usually costing around $100 or so, a far cry from the high-end, Swiss-owned watch market that usually charges tens of thousands for similar looking models. Such is their success, Asorock were also named in various top Black-owned watch companies across several key watch websites. With this in mind, they’ve not only been able to make their mark on the watch industry, but have also helped a social cause too.

Overall, it’s nice to see something like this take place and be successful. Too often in the Black community, people speak about aspirations without putting theory into practice. Not only this but it seems to be thriving as well. The cherry on the cake where Asorock is concerned is the real altruism that will hopefully inspire the next generation of African children to a better life and foothold on earth. Hopefully, this is just the start and maybe over the next couple of years, more African libraries can start to pop up. With this in mind, a round of applause is needed for Ben Iroala and Andrew Mutale who have really done a wonderful thing with this worthy cause.

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