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Blerds are Dragging Taylor Swift to Hell and Back

Blerds are Dragging Taylor Swift to Hell and Back

Blerds Taylor Swift Blerds Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dropped the first video of her album today and blerds were not having it. Despite the crowds of white women who are losing their ever loving minds over Tay-Tay today, blerds have spoken out on all things problematic about this latest spectacle of white womanhood. Here at the top reactions.

1.Formed up with white a segregated dance squad, Tay tells us all what’s she’s about.

2. But this video is supposed to be something new…

3. And If you didn’t catch the “Lemonade” theft before, trust blerds were not letting this go…..

4. In fact, blerds been calling “shenanigans” all day because Tay-Tay’s opus reeks of rotten lemons.

5. We don’t trust you Tay, or your ilk. Gone somewhere, girl, and leave Queen Bey alone!

6. This ain’t Mean Girls Tay-girl. Growing up means moving on and creating your own.

7. And the blerds ain’t got nothing on the reaction from #BlackTwitter.

Maybe the music industry will hear us sooner or later. The blerd community is so over the stealing of black excellence repackaged as white feminist mediocrity. Don’t expect us to stay quiet about it, either.


Written by: Jonita Davis 

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