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Totally Awesome Team Up! TAH 15 by Pak, Asrar & Woodard

Totally Awesome Team Up! TAH 15 by Pak, Asrar & Woodard


Let’s talk Amadeus Cho. He’s quite the cute one! His stylish dark hair, prominent Asian features and tendency to flex with the pure joy in his powers, make Cho a standout character in Marvel’s pantheon of heroes. And let’s face it; he rocks the purple pants.  Amadeus also manages to carry the mantle of the Hulk with ease, and lightness that eluded Banner even on his better days.

Over the course of fourteen issues, Pak and company have created a very enjoyable run of adventures. In this issue, we get an issue featuring a team up and some quiet, reflective fun. The story opens with Cho fighting villain, Prince Regent Phalkan while  being urgently paged by his champions team members.

Cho rushes to his appointment where he is greeted by Jake Oh, Agent of Shield, fellow Champions members Ms. Marvel and Silk, Jimmy Woo, head of the Agents of Atlas and Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu.

The group has come together to raise awareness for the importance of bone marrow donations, especially since donations are needed amongst the Asian communities. Cho of course ups the level of the events awesomeness, and promptly wants to know where the gang is eating.

The group goes out to eat, and the remainder of the story is a quiet, earnest reflection on these characters experiences as heroes and minorities. I’ll confess to being a little worried as the conversation unfurled around the characters. Though this kind of talk is very much needed I was concerned about reader reaction Pak’s dialogue doesn’t flinch from showcasing the struggle both internally and externally faced by each character based on their race, who they love and parental expectations.

Even my knee-jerk concern is part of the reality of what is normal in the lives of POC.See I was worried that people would find this issue “too preachy” or “too political” which could threaten sales and the future of the book.

But every part of this issue is so superbly done that I doubt my fears will see fruition because seriously how can you hate on a book that ends with superheroes doing Karaoke?!

The art team on this book is so stellar. I loved seeing how beautifully rendered. Silk and Kamala were. They are gorgeous young women, and there companionship and humor stood out on this issue.

Great issue, a nice starting point for new readers.

Kai Charles is a Medical Professional, Jedi Hopeful, and Independent Book Reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter @yogikai, tweeting about all things relating to Books & Geek Culture Blog.

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