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‘Virology’ is a mind-engulfing cyberpunk novel worth reading

‘Virology’ is a mind-engulfing cyberpunk novel worth reading

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Virology (written by Ren Warom) takes on the same cyberpunk and mind-engulfing persona as its prequel, Escapology. Core is now a pit of darkness, and Slip has taken complete control. The old team is back but with the same and some new issues.

Shock Pao is still the ‘key to success’ as he was in the chase of Escapology, but he would rather remain anonymous than get involved. Notorious and stubborn Amiga is cooperating with her wounds but can’t seem to do the same with her teammates and past.

They’re still working together but are clueless as to what is in store. To make matters worse, new rebellious groups start gaining attention and ammo and become instant enemies with Shock’s group. The world is now a disarray of avis, control systems and selfish goals.

The greatest challenge in the story is finding the source of the disarray. It is no longer clear who works for whom or what will work to defeat Slip. The quest is guaranteed to be exhausting and will take the protagonists on a journey ten times worse than the first (this time, however, expect familiar landscapes such as New York heights and London streets).

Virology digs deeper into the characteristics and history of the protagonists. The reader is given a chance to understand the characters by their motives and thoughts (versus actions as in Escapology). The cyberpunk jargon and 9-megabits-per-second speed is still a theme, but the reader can expect time to collect what is going on and why.

If you were able to finish the prequel, this story is sure to please and capture. Ren Warom is skilled with plot-twists and overall, writing a good story.

Virology is published by Titan Books.

Disclaimer: the author of this article received a free advanced copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Tariqah currently resides in Chicago and studies graphic design and journalism. She is your typical bibliophile and enjoys creating artwork and writing as a hobby.

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