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‘Wander Darkly’: A Wake-up Call

‘Wander Darkly’: A Wake-up Call

Written by Jabria Taylor 

A devastating car accident leaves a couple Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna) in a void-like space where they go on a journey that shows their shared moments together. They relive their experience while trying to process  hard truths about their relationship. Their mission is to find the love they once had. 

Director Tara Miele constructs an astonishing story of the anatomy of a relationship that gets tested numerous times. Miele shows the audience how meaningful life really is and how to make every moment count. Life is also very precarious and can be taken away at any given moment. Wander Darkly also demonstrates that even when good things come to an end, it doesn’t always have to be sad. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. 

Wander Darkly

Throughout the movie, Adrienne and Matteo go through memories — good ones and bad — and tell each other the truth while death is following their every move. Adrienne and Matteo realize that they love each other and wish things had gone differently. Matteo thinks the car crash was his fault, but Adrienne thinks if they didn’t buy their house or had done things differently, the car crash wouldn’t have happened. They both regret things they’ve either said or done knowing that their actions got them to where they are now. 

The movie focuses on Adrienne’s point of view and takes the audience on a ride through her own memories and feelings instead of Matteo’s. This makes sense since Matteo fits in her point of view without needing to tell his own story or going through his own memories and feelings. It all just makes sense in a way that I found unique. 

Death follows them wherever they go, which only Adrienne can see at first and not Matteo for some reason. When death comes closer to them, Adrienne almost slips into death’s grip and Matteo can finally see it. Matteo wants Adrienne to stay with him and she can’t leave him yet. Even with uncertainty they still care for each other and love each other. Even before the car accident, they go through situations that test their relationship. 

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I love the way the story is told through Sienna Miller and Diego Luna. Miller brings out an amazing performance in the movie that makes you laugh and cry, as well as Luna, whose spectacular acting pulls you into the movie even more. They make this movie so endearing and special. 

The movie is a like no other and is worth repeat viewings. It shows that love has no boundaries. Nothing can stand in the way of love — even death. Wander Darkly proves that love is a powerful thing. This movie also shows what parents go through with their adult children when watching them go through tough situations with their partners. Parents try to give advice even though it’s harsh. It’s all very real. 

This film really opens your eyes to rediscovering love that may have disappeared. Love needs the truth to help make it last forever. This isn’t a fairytale; it’s reality shown on screen. 

Wander Darkly

I love how this film shows both the beautiful and ugly sides of a relationship and how much work it takes to even be on the same page as your partner. It’s all about communication and learning to recognize when something is wrong and how to work it out. This movie elevates relationships and makes you think about your own relationships and everything you’ve been through. 

Wander Darkly is currently playing in select theaters and is available on demand. 

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