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‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 7: “What If… Thor Were an Only Child?” — RECAP

‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 7: “What If… Thor Were an Only Child?” — RECAP

Darcy (Kat Dennings) wakes up Jane (Natalie Portman) about a warning sign on the computer. Jane frantically makes calls to SHIELD and other organizations about a possible alien invasion. A beam of light streaks over them and lands in Las Vegas. A voice tells the citizens to prepare to party. The voice comes from Thor, surrounded by friends.

The Watcher explains that relationships are what define heroes. For Thor, it was Loki who affected him as they grew up. In another universe, Odin decided not to raise Loki as his own but returned him to his people. Without Loki to keep Thor on his toes, Thor grew up differently. 

Frigga (Josette Eales) and Thor sit bedside as Odin goes into a deep Odinsleep. Once Odin is asleep, Frigga gives Thor instructions to study on the nine realms and absolutely no partying while she is off with her sisters to enjoy the solstice. Thor, despite the warning of Heimdall watching, he convinces his friends to come with him to Midgard. 

In Vegas, multiple Asgardians and alien creatures arrive at the party. Jane and Darcy find Thor amongst the party people. Jane speaks to Thor about the death of Alpha Star, who states that he was partying on the planet for three days. She is surprised when Thor compliments her on her beauty and wit. Darcy gets asked out by Howard the Duck. The party picks up in a big way as Darcy and Howard get married by Elvis and Thor and Jane get matching tattoos. 

The next day, Jane is surprised to wake up to knocking at the door and a messy hotel room. She finds Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), acting director of SHIELD, outside with a few agents and Darcy due to the call she made about the alien threat. Maria wants to eliminate the threat because the actual director, Nick Fury, was injured the night before by Krog, who was in a rush to cannonball into the water. She is taken to a SHIELD ship where she is questioned. Maria is informed by Agent Coulson that the partying is spreading to Europe and that Thor has left. Jane isn’t happy that he left without saying anything. Jane tries to persuade Maria from using the final weapon that will take out Thor. Maria gets the beeper out to call Captain Marvel. 

While in Paris, Thor is visited by the frost giant Prince Loki. They are surprised by Captain Marvel arriving and telling Thor to shut down the party. Thor doesn’t agree and is amazed to be punched by her. The two engage in a fight that is destructive, hopping to different countries. Captain Marvel is surprised when she doesn’t win the fight.

Maria isn’t impressed with Captain Marvel’s lack of elimination. Captain Marvel states that her punches will be too destructive for any city to handle. Darcy brings up doing it in North or South Dakota while she fangirls over Captain Marvel. Jane gets a call from Thor who is very flirty. Jane asks him if they hurt anyone at his last party, which he never did. Maria calls her back to the meeting as the other two, Captain Marvel and Darcy discuss which Dakato to use a nuclear punch. Jane tries her best to convince them not to do a thing, but she’s sent off back to Vegas. 

Jane tries to call Thor to warn him about SHIELD’s plan, but Loki answers the phone and doesn’t help her in any way. Then he drops the phone, breaking it. Darcy figures out the next best thing to do is to call Thor’s mother. The party gets out of hand as world monuments and buildings get destroyed. Captain Marvel gets ahold of Thor and flies him out to a Dakota, where Jane sets up a computer with a microphone that is loud enough to be heard by Heimdall. Heimdall beams her up to Asgard, where she tries to explain what is happening with Thor but is immediately sent to Frigga. 

Captain Marvel prepares to use her nuclear punch while SHIELD prepares nukes to take out Thor in case Captain Marvel is unsuccessful. Jane tells Frigga that Thor is on Earth. Frigga uses her magic to speak to Thor. Thor lies about what he’s doing on Earth, which prompts Frigga to cut her vacation short to see what he is studying on Earth. Captain Marvel and SHIELD stand down due to Frigga coming to check on him. 

Thor rushes to Sydney, Australia, to ask for help cleaning up. Loki leaves and so do many other partygoers. Thor utilizes his powers to use his god voice and tell the partygoers that his mother is coming. Frightened, the partiers prepare to clean up the world quickly. Frigga is surprised to find Thor studying with a group of friends. She doubts the situation until Captain Marvel arrives with an iPad with information on it. All is going well until Thor summons Mjölnir (his hammer), which is covered in party items and paint. 

Thor visits Jane in the desert to talk about her calling his mom and asks her out on a date to a planet with unicorns. The Watcher states that they lived happily ever after but is surprised when a portal opens up and a robot army comes out, led by Vision armed with all the Infinity Stones.

This was a fun episode to watch. A worldwide party led by Thor does seem like a lot more fun than anything else. I keep forgetting that during those years, Thor is technically a teenager or very young adult in god years. Seeing him and Loki be friends is what many Marvel fans would have loved in the main universe but this is the next best thing. I’m really curious about Vision and his army. I’m sure that will make Thor the hero that he’s supposed to be, or Asgard is done. 

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