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‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 9: “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?” — RECAP

‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 9: “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?” — RECAP

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The Watcher picks up Captain Carter while she is fighting pirates, informing her that she is chosen. He does the same with Star-Lord T’Challa while he saves: Peter Quill from his father; Gamora (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams); Killmonger just before he is taken down by the Dora Milaje and Shuri; and Thor as he fights robots in Vegas. Killmonger becomes interested in the robot head that Thor brought along with him. The Watcher takes them to a pub to discuss matters, has them meet Evil Dr. Strange, and announces them as Guardians of the Multiverse. Thor doesn’t believe them at first and nearly dies when he walks out the pub door.

Evil Strange and Watcher explain the Infinity Stones and Ultron. The guardians hatch a plan. Killmonger is surprised that T’Challa is willing to steal something. Thor informs them he can attract Ultron and unwanted attention, and Gamora is ready to destroy the stones with the Infinity Crusher. Peggy sums up the plan for them before they are sent out to a quiet universe.

The group hang out chatting and enjoying drinks. Gamora is suspicious of Killmonger as he sits with a robot head. Thor, excited, summons lightning to his hammer, attracting Ultron. Strange puts a protection spell on each member, then Killmonger and Gamora leave through a portal. Thor, dismissing the plan, hits Ultron with lightning as he cries out “Viva Las Vegas.” Ultron responds by crushing the group. He is surprised by them not dying on impact. The battle begins. 

Thor tosses his hammer, which Strange makes into hundreds, and Carter and T’Challa attack Ultron in the midst of the chaos, allowing T’Challa the chance to steal the soul stone. The group gathers together, then Strange releases zombies from another universe on Ultron so that they can slip away to Ultron’s universe.

Just when they’re about to hand Gamora the Soul Stone, Natasha Romanoff snatches it and is prepared to take the group out. Carter intercepts by letting Natasha know that in her universe, she and Natasha are close. Natasha stands down but is snatched up by Ultron, who finally made it to the party. Thor intercepts Ultron getting Natasha, which upsets Ultron to the point of him thinking of destroying the galaxy, but Strange swallows that energy power. I’m just as surprised as Ultron with that trick. The battle begins for the Soul Stone. Everyone tries to keep Ultron from picking it up while they try to get it. They are each so close.

Strange unleashes his monsters to attack Ultron, binds a spell on him, and gets the stone to Gamora, who unleashes the stone crusher. An explosion happens, and it is quiet for a moment. T’Challa states that it doesn’t feel over, then Ultron explains that each universe is different and the stones are as well. Gamora realizes that the crusher is only designed to crush the stones in her universe. Ultron recognizes that Strange is the reason why his plan isn’t working and plans to kill him so that the others will fail too. 

As he releases his “energy blast,” Carter and Natasha are blasted off to a distance. Natasha notices the arrow that holds a USB with the virus. The two hatch a quick plan, Carter on foot and Natasha on her bike. Carter jumps on Ultron, pulling his head back while Natasha makes a shot with the arrow. The arrow pierces Ultron in the eye, allowing Zola to enter Ultron’s body and stopping his attack on the guardians. Ultron attempts to stop Zola, but Zola overpowers him and destroys Ultron. Ultron’s body falls to the ground. 

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The guardians regroup from the attack. Killmonger takes the time to use the robot’s head to summon Ultron’s body armor and the stones. The rest of the guardians pull out their weapons. T’Challa asks Killmonger what he is doing. Killmonger responds that the Watcher owes them this and that they have all they need to fix their individual universes. T’Challa tells him to hand over the stones, but Killmonger points out that they’re not cousins and immediately tries to end their lives. 

His plan is thwarted by Zola, now in Ultron’s body, who wants the stones for himself. Zola and Killmonger use their powers to fight for the stones. Strange comes to the conclusion that the guardians were never meant to win but to separate the stones from the body. As the two villains pull for the stones, Strange uses his powers to create a dimension prism around them, then the Watcher comes in to take the three of them. The rest of the guardians are safe. Strange and Watcher are back in Strange’s dimension prism where they discuss the plan. Stephen promises to watch the dimension holding Zola and Killmonger for his good friend Watcher. 

Watcher sends out the rest of the guardians back to their universes, where they left off. Carter hesitates, wanting to go back to her own time, but Watcher tells her that she is needed back in her own time. She leaves, but Natasha stays back to demand that Watcher fix her universe. He won’t do that. He does, however, drop her in a universe that is missing their Widow. Natasha stops Loki from killing Nick Fury, who has the replacement Avengers. Loki is surprised to see her, and Nick is accepting of her.

The Watcher explains that all creatures search for a place to belong and to call home. As for him, the multiverse, every single world, every story, is his home, and he will protect it to the end.

Mid-credit scene: Carter is back on the pirate ship and gets punched. Natasha takes out the pirate, which prompts Carter to hug her, relieved to see her friend. Natasha takes Carter to the cargo and shows her what the pirates were after: the HydraStomper. And someone is inside…

Didn’t I say that they will be bringing a team together? I called it! Guardians of the Multiverse is just all the fabulous characters who starred in their own episodes coming together to save the multiverse — -(except for Killmonger who will always want power. Thankfully he is somewhere safe and away from others fighting with Zola forever. The Watcher knew exactly what he was doing, but I do wonder if he knew that this was supposed to be happening. Out of all the thousands of universes, wouldn’t he know that the Ultron one would be the worse? I do like that he helped Natasha by not leaving her in the universe where she would be all alone. 

Thor got the girl. Gamora is even more badass. T’Challa ends up being the most spectacular Star-Lord we have ever seen. And Captain Carter may have found her love again. I wonder if Steve in HydraStomper is brainwashed by Hydra? That would be fun to watch. Overall, it was cute to see a team of guardians set up by the Watcher. I’m also glad that he and Strange end up being friends that will be watching closely at their posts. Great ending to the series. Very cute. 

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