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‘Wonder Woman 1984’: A Mediocre Sequel To an Incredible Franchise

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: A Mediocre Sequel To an Incredible Franchise

Written by : Jabria Taylor 

Wonder Woman 1984 takes place in the 80’s where everything is upbeat and very retro-like. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) encounters an unfortunate turn of events which leads her to a path of pain and discovery. Sometimes truth is the greatest weapon of all. 

DC has generated a lot of films within these past few years, but their most valuable and successful movie franchise is Wonder Woman which caught the attention of millions of people around the world in 2017 which only continues to reach an even bigger audience. In the first Wonder Woman movie, we’re introduced to Diana Prince and the movie really sends a message to the audience about fighting for what’s right and teaching forgiveness. In Wonder Woman 1984 — the film teaches the audience about being content with what you already have and letting go of the past, even if it hurts. 

The film introduces the audience to Diana Prince as a child training with the rest of the Amazons. It later goes into great detail about Diana’s extraordinary training as a child and the lessons she’s had to learn in order to become a true warrior. It also shows more of the Amazon’s culture and advanced skill set which the story didn’t break more ground on in the previous movie. The film then skips to a typical day in the ’80s with Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) in a commercial trying to convince people to take part in his oil company. Wonder Woman fights off criminals which seems like a typical day for her. The movie dives into the plot and immerses the audience in an exciting turn of events that begins to unfold slowly, but surely. 

Wonder Woman 1984 starts off nice, but has a few cringe-worthy moments such as Steve Trevor’s forced and unnecessary dialogue to make Diana Prince motivated to continue her journey. And as it turns out, the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, co-wrote the script. The movie itself seemed to have so much potential, but instead had extraneous jump cuts and bad dialogue that made the movie almost irritating to watch.

There are some pretty good moments in the film though. Wonder Woman introduces the audience to a new skill she’s been working on and another skill that will blow your mind! This movie also shows us more of Wonder Woman’s life since Steve Trevor died and how she’s coping with that loss. Wonder Woman 1984 also shows us a more in-depth look of Diana Prince’s career and what she does when she’s not Wonder Woman. 

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Throughout the movie we see that Diana is still grieving the loss of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and is living a life of solitude. Wonder Woman and Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) finally meet, but as the movie unfolds, their friendship takes a turn as the unexpected happens. One thing that annoyed me was how bad Cheetah’s CGI was. In my opinion, it could’ve looked better, but instead, it looked like something out of a badly programmed video game. Throughout the movie, Diana faces immediate danger and tough battles that only take her closer to Maxwell Lord who has made the world a much more terrible place than it already was before leaving people in distress and madness. 

Pedro Pascal’s performance as Maxwell Lord is astonishing! Pedro brings humanity to his character which I personally don’t see in many movie villains which I think is very significant. Pedro Pascal’s character is deeply connected to every character in the movie such as Barbara Minerva whose wish turns her into something much more than she’d ever hoped for. Kristen Wiig delivers an amazing performance on screen and captures all the raw emotions that helps you understand her character and what she goes through. 

Chris Pine brings his usual charm and wonderful performance in Wonder Woman 1984 as Steve Trevor. Steve Trevor plays a very important role in Diana’s life then and now as Maxwell Lord seeks to gain all the power in the world. Steve Trevor is introduced to the new world and immediately falls in love with it as everything’s changed, and he’s deeply fascinated by how far planes have evolved over the years. Chris Pine never ceases to impress me whenever he’s in any film.  

Gal Gadot brings unique grace and strength as Wonder Woman to the screen and shows the audience how Diana really feels about her past and the future. Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman is like no other as she fights her way to get to the truth. She brings out Wonder Woman’s kindness and endurance that helps her win battles that seem almost impossible to win, yet she prevails. 

This movie overall is a mediocre sequel to Wonder Woman, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Wonder Woman in the foreseeable future. 

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