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6 Hobbies Every Black Woman Should Try

6 Hobbies Every Black Woman Should Try

Black Woman Hobbies

From Sorella Magazine

As Black women, we should work our hardest to keep up our quality of life.

Hobbies keep the dopamine and endorphins running high in your brain and they prevent your cortisol (that pesky stress hormone that we all have) levels from rising too high. Science aside, indulging in an activity you love can provide an escape, a way to flee from the pressures and constraints of daily life. It can also bring mounds of exhilaration and pleasure.

Having a hobby can also help you handle work-life stress better and prevent you from becoming burned out from work during the week.

And if you know how to turn your hobby into a side job, you’ve just added an extra source of income which could eventually develop into a new career or, at the very least, bring you farther along your journey of self-discovery.

1.    Soul-Cycle (or just hopping on a regular bike and riding around your neighborhood)

This past winter, I gained nearly forty pounds of weight—to my deep and absolute dismay. Up until this year, I’d been one of those people who could eat whatever they wanted without gaining a single pound. Now that my metabolism has slowed down a little, spin classes and biking outside have been two activities that have practically saved me this summer.

If you’re like me and you hate traditional forms of exercise like running, jogging or even walking, you should give biking a try. Not only will it get you places faster without working up as much of a sweat, but you get to sit down most of the time.

If you find that biking outside isn’t enough of a challenge, sign up for a class at a spin studio and get ready to enjoy the music and lively, ambient environment.

Still need convincing? Even if you’re recovering from an injury or you’re looking for a low-impact exercise, biking is a perfect way to get back into exercise since it’s so easy on your joints.

2.     Bowling

Bowling isn’t just for lovesick teenagers on awkward first dates; it’s an extremely fun and popular hobby. For good reason.

One thing that I personally love about bowling is that it’s cheap and you don’t have to be good at it.

In fact, you can completely suck at bowling and that just makes it even more fun. You’ll learn to laugh at yourself and your friend group.

Unlike journalling or scrolling through social media, bowling is one social activity that is actually conducive to forming bonds and building friendships.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to fill your time, consider joining a bowling club or inviting your friends out to bowl. Your soul will be so grateful for the fun time. 

3.     Learn A New Language

Let me tell you what my life has been all about this past year. Spanish. Spain. And Spanish TV shows.

Learning Spanish has become a passion of mine. I’ve made friends from Colombia, the United States, and Spain—people who would never have come into my social sphere if I’d only stuck to English.

I now live in Spain (NEVER thought I’d say that!) and my favorite tv shows are international Spanish shows.

Spanish has become more than a hobby for me…it’s a way of life. Once you really get into language learning, you’ll know the indescribable joy of buying language learning textbooks (I have too many to count) and doing language exchanges to practice your speaking and listening skills.

I don’t recommend just picking a language on a whim and trying to learn it.

First, forage into the world of foreign television and see which types of shows and movies you gravitate towards. You might find you love Italian media because you have a knack for the Italian language or that you love the way Korean sounds.

Foreign TV was the entire reason I forayed into the world of Spanish television and cinema and it’s the reason I now speak the language.

If you still need convincing on all the reasons you need to learn a new language, check out Sorella magazine’s upcoming article on Why Every Black Woman Should Learn A New Language.

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