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BGN TIFF 2017 Review: ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’

Grace Jones is like you’ve never seen her before in the new documentary film Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. She takes us down a journey of her most intimate and real experiences as an artist and gives us an inside look at her upbringing in Jamaica with her family and friends. The documentary Grace Jones:...

BGN TIFF 2017 Review: The Drop In

The Drop In is an Afrofuturistic action drama, written and directed by Naledi Jackson, The Drop In stars Mouna Traoré (Murdock Mysteries, Brown Girl Begins) as Joelle, a young hairdresser, and Oluniké Adeliyi (Working Moms) as Grace. The film begins fairly quietly; as Joelle is cleaning up after a busy day, a woman enters the salon, asking...

BGN TIFF 2017: On the Red Carpet with Legend, Grace Jones!

BGN founder Jamie Broadax had a chance to speak with the incomparable Grace Jones and her director Sophie Fiennes about their new documentary, "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami". Filmed over the course of a decade, the new documentary from director Sophie Fiennes (The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology) offers a stylish and unconventional look at...

BGN TIFF 2017 Review: ‘Sighted Eyes | Feeling Heart’

Documentary filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain explores the life of the famed and world renown playwright and Black activist Lorraine Hansberry in the new documentary Sighted Eyes | Feeling Heart.  Hansberry is best known for her work in her landmark play A Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hansberry is the first Black woman to put on a...

A Toast to the Black Villainess: The Need For Black Female Villains

Black Villainess, Black Villainess, Black Villainess, Black Villainess, Black Villainess
One Black Girl Nerd describes the need for the Black villainess that doesn't follow the standard "Black Baddie" trope. Read on for more!

#BGNPodcast Extra – Faith Evans & Biggie on A&E

Caron welcomes Faith Evans to discuss life, love, and Biography Presents: BIGGIE: The Life of The Notorious B.I.G. on A&E

“We Love Moses” Explores A 12-Year-Old’s Secret Crush That Changes Everything

We Love Moses, We Love, Moses, TIFF, Dionne Edwards
In the short film, We Love Moses, a selection at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, we explore a 12-year-old's secret crush on her brother's best friend. However, in one moment her life and his are changed dramatically in one shocking plot twist.  The film We Love Moses explores girlhood, relationships, and sexuality. This...

What’s Missing From The John Boyega Carnival “Debate”? Black Women’s Voices

John Boyega, Carnival, Caribana, Cropover, Caribbean, Black Women
Let Boyega be great. Last weekend was Notting Hill Carnival, London’s premiere festival celebrating Caribbean music, culture and costumes.  This type of festival is a global event, albeit named in different ways. For Toronto, it’s known as Caribana. For Barbados it’s known as Cropover (otherwise known as “the festival that Rihanna graces her presence...

Crime Mob Boss Stephanie St. Clair Gets Her Own Film At HBO

Stephanie St. Clair, Stephanie St. Clair, St. Clair, HBO, Crime Boss
Who is Stephanie St. Clair?  She's one of the most notorious crime mob bosses during the Harlem Renaissance who ran numerous criminal enterprises in New York during the early 20th century. St. Clair fought against other mobsters to maintain her independent business and was also considered an activist for the Black community at the time....

BGN Presents: 15 Favorite Looks from AFROPUNK 2017

This past weekend was AFROPUNK, a celebration of Black excellence and, more importantly, the weekend where Black people pull all the fashion stunts. I've always viewed AFROPUNK looks as a cross between fashion and cosplay, and these festival-goers don't disappoint. Here are our favorite looks! These ladies are giving us afro-futuristic Powerpuff Girls ...