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7 Gifts Every Black Woman Should Gift Themselves This Christmas

7 Gifts Every Black Woman Should Gift Themselves This Christmas

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Your Christmas shopping has begun, but there’s one person not yet on your shopping list. It’s the person who works the hardest, sacrifices the most, and constantly puts others before themselves. The person that you’re probably not shopping for is yourself. 

In the season of gift-giving, it’s easy to get caught up in buying gifts for everyone else but yourself. However, buying yourself something special can be a powerful act of self-care. 

Why Black women in particular should buy gifts for themselves

According to the American Heart Association, around 50,000 African American women die annually from cardiovascular disease. In addition to higher levels of stress due to racial injustice, Black women endure too much to not be celebrated and spoiled from time to time. 

So instead of waiting for someone else to give you a gift you may or may not want, buy yourself the gift you want and deserve. Keep in mind that gift-giving is a celebratory act, and you have so much to honor. Celebrate every time you got out of bed and started the day when you didn’t want to. Celebrate reaching your goals. Giving yourself a gift is a way to recognize your personal accomplishments. 

Even if you choose to acknowledge your accomplishment in a different way, buy yourself a Christmas gift because it feels good and you deserve to be happy.

If you’re ready to spend some money on yourself, here are some gifts you’ll want to consider. 

7 gifts your should gift yourself

1. A solo trip

Although many gifts come in finely wrapped boxes, one of the best gifts you can give yourself won’t fit under the tree. This holiday season, gift yourself a plane, bus, or train ticket to an unfamiliar place for a solo adventure.

Solo travel gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the stressors of life, discover new cultures, and learn something new about yourself. 

If you decide to gift yourself a solo trip, you don’t have to go somewhere far. You can simply visit a neighboring city or the next state over. Putting yourself in a new environment can help uplift your spirits and nurture your soul. 

2. Boudoir photoshoot

If you haven’t tried a Boudoir photoshoot, this is your time to do so. These sexy and intimate style photoshoots are a fun and unconventional way to celebrate the beauty of your body.

With this type of photoshoot, you’re encouraged to wear lingerie or any type of clothing you feel sexy in. Although posing in provocative attire may be a little out of your comfort zone, the results of your photoshoot will have you feeling empowered and free.

The bonus aspect of doing a photoshoot near the holidays is that you can print the photos and use them as a gift for yourself or a loved one. 

3. A house plant

You may think that a house plant is a simple gift, yet it can produce lasting benefits all year long. According to an article on, some of the various benefits of house plants include increasing productivity, improving air quality, and reducing stress levels.

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If you’re new to plant ownership, it’s best to start with a low-maintenance plant such as Aloe Vera, Sansevieria (Snake Plant), or Monstera. All of these plants require occasional watering and can survive in low light. 

4. A dance or movement class

Like most, you probably have a New Year’s resolution related to fitness or health. Whether you want to adjust your weight or your muscle tone, you don’t have to herd yourself into the gym like a majority of people will do in the new year. 

Instead, you can take a fitness class. There are a variety of different movement classes that involve cardio and strength training to help you reach your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a place to start you can check out ballroom, salsa, or Latin dance classes, Buti Yoga, or even burlesque dance classes.

Taking unconventional movement classes allows you to have more fun while getting into shape. 

5. A journal

Journaling is a self-care practice that is recommended by therapists, teachers, coaches, and friends. It provides a safe space for you to release your thoughts and decompress from the stressors of life. 

If you’re looking to start journaling, you can check out the journals and stationery from Be Rooted. Founded by Jasmin Foster, this company has products that give women of color the opportunity to explore who they are and celebrate themselves. There are a variety of different journals to choose from, including gratitude and mindfulness journals. 

6. Therapy

Similar to journaling, therapy is a self-care gift that can help you improve your quality of life. Therapy gives Black women the opportunity to be seen, heard, and validated, especially if working with a Black therapist

Starting therapy can feel different, unfamiliar, and scary, but it gives you a way to heal your trauma and other emotional damage. Working with a professional can help set you up for success in the new year.

7. Buy the thing you’ve been telling yourself you don’t deserve

Whether you choose to buy something from the above-mentioned items or not, the most important thing is to buy yourself what you want. 

If you desire something that is currently out of your price range, make a plan to put money aside to make that purchase. Instead of talking yourself out of it, start convincing yourself that you deserve whatever it is that you want.

As Christmas time draws closer so does the pressure of buying gifts. Giving gifts, although rooted in capitalism, is about showing people that you care and making them feel good. So in the holiday season remember that you too are worthy and special of giving yourself a gift. Remember, it’s not selfish to want something and let yourself have it. 

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