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A Black Girl Nerd’s Holiday Beauty Guide

A Black Girl Nerd’s Holiday Beauty Guide

’Tis the season to shop. Whether it’s for loved ones, the office or the magic that it is to treat yo’ self, it’s time for final shopping. There may not be a better way to do it than with presents that ring in the holiday season right.

Fortunately, BGN has everything covered for everyone to walk into 2022 looking fabulous and ready to conquer the world, including taming those stubborn frizzy kinks and rocking some nerdy merch. From hair and skin to some nerdy extras, there’s plenty of holiday spirit to go around.

Hair Products to Make Natural Hair Sleigh 

  1. Bumble & Bumble: Bb. Curl Light Defining Cream and Bb. Curl Gel Pomade

There’s nothing like treating curls to some TLC, especially during the winter months when hair may be feeling dry. Luckily, Bumble & Bumble has a vegan and cruelty-free cream and pomade with their curl range. The defining cream is crafted with avocado, coconut, and jojoba oil and shea and coconut butters that offer excellent hydration.

The gel pomade has serious curl-holding powers with the same oils and butters as the defining cream. It’s also formulated with UV filters that provide hair a protective shield from the sun and prevents dryness. 

The Curl Light Defining Cream and Curl Gel Pomade are available on Bumble & Bumble and other retailers for around $32 each. 

  1. Curl Rehab Rice Water & Grapeseed Oil 2-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner

While the phrase “2-in-1” for shampoos and conditioners can sometimes be cause for pause, in this case, it’s a cause for celebration. For fans of rice rinses and co-washing, this is the affordable holy grail. 

This vegan formula contains rice water and grapeseed oil that revitalizes brittle hair and adds length to natural hair. The rice proteins eliminate frizz and breakage and leave curls popping. It can be found at most big box retailers for $9.99. 

  1. Boucleme

If this Black-owned UK-based natural hair care line isn’t on your radar, it’s time to add it, as they recently launched in the US. This eco-certified sustainability brand ensures each product takes each person’s curl type, texture, and porosity into account. 

Their Foaming  Dry Shampoo is a standout product made with organic aloe vera leaf juice, which is an anti-inflammatory, tapioca and cornstarch, which absorbs excess sebum and sharpens texture, and menthol, which cools the scalp. It’s great for an after-workout revitalizer and can even help split up wash days with texture and volume. The Foaming Dry Shampoo runs for about $30 on the Boucleme website.

  1. Prose

There are few things more fulfilling for our hair than a custom-made formula just for our curls. Prose’s custom haircare understands that not all hair types are the same and many people have unique needs. They ask customers to take an in-depth questionnaire that considers age, hair texture and curl type, length, oiliness/dryness, split ends, porosity, etc., to determine the necessary formula.

They also have sustainable custom shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, oils and creams that utilize cruelty-free ingredients. Prices start at around $20 and increase depending on customization needs.

Skin Products for a Holiday Glow-Up

5. Jenette All Natural Skincare

This LA-based skincare brand offers all-natural luxury skincare that supports skin health and overall wellness. With a wide variety of products that address acne, aging, dryness, oily skin, hormonal texture, and more, founder Jenette Serrins has customers covered. 

Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno explained, “I used her chocolate soap [Cacao Herbal Infusion Soap Bar], mask [Cacao Herbal Infusion Masque], “Be Clean oil” and mist [Detoxifying Toner, and [my acne] cleared up immensely within the first month.” Each product is developed using skincare science and clean beauty that sets it apart from other high end products. Products ranging from around $16 to $460 can be purchased both individually and in sets, perfect as holiday gifts for any and all skin junkies. 

6. SheaMoisture’s Even & Radiant Collection

This collection is made especially for melanin skin that deserves to be radiant. Formulated with raw honey and charcoal, each product tackles dark spots and acne scars to ensure skin is clear and glowy. 

The collection includes: 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm, which melts away makeup while adding moisture to the skin; Daily Exfoliating Toner Pads, which are alcohol free and filled with witch hazel, niacinamide, and other ingredients that clear clogged pores and remove dead skin; Dark Spot Correcting Serum, which eliminates acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration; a lightweight Daily Face Lotion, which restores the skin’s natural tone; and finally, Night Cream, which provides deep restorative overnight moisture that adds hydration and clears textured skin. Products range from $10 to $12 and are available at big box retailers. 

7. Rituals: Natural Boosters

It’s time to channel your spiritual side and appreciation for natural products that pack a mean punch when it comes to hydration, revitalization, and a gorgeous holiday glow. With Rituals’ Vitamin C Natural Booster, Hyaluronic Acid Natural Booster, Bakuchiol Natural Booster, Niacinamide Natural Booster and Peptides Natural Booster, every skin concern is carefully addressed.

Vitamin C helps with hyperpigmentation and acne scars, hyaluronic acid is a boss when it comes to hydration, bakuchiol minimizes pores, niacinamide reduces inflammation and redness, and peptides help collagen production for firmer and more youthful skin. Rituals has other products from the new Ritual of Namaste line, including exfoliators, serums, skin masks, products for men, and more. Boosters cost around $26 and are available on the Rituals website and select retail stores. 

Extras Keep the Season Nerdy All Year Long

It’s hardly a true nerdy countdown without something fun for the more hardcore nerds that may be looking for more Otaku-worthy gifts. These are not necessarily beauty products, but they will look pretty beautiful to those with fandoms to pay homage to no matter the season. 

8. Laguna Moon–Pokebomb Surprise Toys Bath Bombs

All Pokemon fans who enjoy a refreshing soak in the tub are going to want to catch all of these adorable Pokemon bath bombs that dissolve to reveal a Pikachu toy in various outfits. Each bath bomb is made with deep-sea mineral salt, essential oils, coconut oil, shea butter, deep-sea mineral salt, coconut oil, and shea butter.

These Pokeballs don’t just differ in Pikachu outfits, they also differ in names. Based on the classic Pokemon games, each box contains a Watermelon Ball, Peach Love Ball, Banana GS Ball, Blueberry Great Ball, Coconut and Vanilla Safari Ball, and Passion Fruit Master Ball. Their unique colors fill the tub with fun and foaming delight. One box costs around $27 for all 6 bath bombs on Laguna Moon’s website. 

9. Loot Crate–The Avatar: The Last Airbender Elemental Masters Collection

While this may be an odd pick for a beauty, the massive ATLA fandom can attest to the animated series being one of the most beautiful shows in history. From the sometimes literally breathtaking power of bending to the deep messages of love, friendship, and transformation, this Loot Crate is a love letter to fans. 

This limited edition crate includes an exclusive Sokka T-shirt garnering the style of the goofy Water Tribe warrior along with other exclusive wearables and accessories that will make any ATLA fan feel gorgeous and ready to hone their skills all year long. 

Are there some goodies in our guide that you’re adding to your list? Maybe there’s something similar that’s been calling your eye. Let us know in the comments.

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