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Web-Series Art is Charisma Explores Lives of Black Millennial Artists

Web-Series Art is Charisma Explores Lives of Black Millennial Artists

By: Angel Jeter

Art is Charisma is based in Chicago and comedically explores the life of Charisma James, a late 20’s singer who attempts to balance her singing career with a unfulfilling relationship, draining day job, and awkward friendships.

“Music is all consuming. It’s not something you just clock out from it’s the only reliable thing I’ve had in my life”, says Charisma to her boyfriend, Devon.

The series’ relatable characters, original comedy, and impressive music/dance performances make it’s first season on YouTube a standout.  

The show is an authentic portrayal of black millennials who are chasing their artistic dreams, but feel weighed down by realistic life demands. I created the show as a way to tell my story of being a professional actor/singer in Chicago who has always had to balance various day jobs to pay the bills,” says Lauren Vernea, creator, executive producer, writer and lead actress. 

You forget you are watching a TV show as the mostly all-black cast shines on screen.  While Art is Charisma gears up for a Season 2 later this year, they look to inspire their audiences by highlighting the roles relationships, faith, and career obstacles play in the lives of young creatives.  

The second season of the show will premiere on OpenTV beta, home to the webseries Brown Girls, and You’re So Talented. 

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