Dragon Portals and Fairy Extortion on ‘The Magicians’

Quentin, Poppy, Margo, and Eliot find Alice on the floor foaming at the mouth in The Magicians' "Poached Eggs." It’s good to see that she didn’t die, but the magic is definitely not responding well to her body. It looks like Julia’s magical escape solution isn’t good for the long term. Plus, she’s still...

Quentin Faces His Darkest Demons on ‘The Magicians’

On the latest episode of The Magicians, Julia is so determined to get rid of her magic that she’s willing to transfer it to Alice (the former niffin). This doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. Attaching aluminum wires to your head then trying to transfer power doesn’t really seem like a good...

Diversifying Fiction Is Crucial in the Age of Social Media Activism

We're officially in an age where diversifying content is a direct reflection of social media activism. Calls from influencers and consumers across platforms like Twitter and Facebook have changed the game in the content we consume and who the content is representing. Read on for more.

9 Important Notes about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 3×10 “Daddy Darhkest”

This episode of Legends of Tomorrow returned from the winter break with a treat of a guest star, Constantine (Matt Ryan) from the Hellblazer comic series. His appearance was an important turn of events for the Legends as the show continued an arc that began in episode 3x5 when Darhk and his daughter Eleanor in 1879...

BGN News Beat: The Week’s Biggest Headlines

What's going on in the TV world? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRQ4cTsr3_c FX's Atlanta returns for its second season, entitled Robbin Season, next month. This season takes place during the holidays. “It’s a tense and desperate time. We wanted it to be a metaphor for our characters,” said executive producer/writer Stephen Glover. As we see in the trailer there are...

Amare Symoné Introduces “Kol(ours)” The Visuals — BGN Music

Learn more about Caliborn, Brooklyn-bred, London-based artist Amare Symoné and her latest project, "Kol(ours)" The Visuals — a celebration of Black women and its all encompassing community.

‘3 Blind Mice’: A Millennial Spin on Nostalgic ’90s TV Needs Your Support!

Looking for a nostalgic '90s show with a bit of a millennial twist? Take a look at the upcoming project, 3 Blind Mice, from Imani Nia Robinson and Ayana Parker Morrison currently being pitched to Netflix and HBO!

Intimate Chat with Renée Elise Goldsberry about ‘Altered Carbon’

I had the pleasure of chatting with Hamilton star — and fellow Houstonian — Renée Elise Goldsberry about her new series out on Netflix now, Altered Carbon! We talked about the importance of seeing women of color as heroines, where she draws inspiration, and how women can both be powerful and in love! Kay-B: So let’s...

Jordan Peele’s Free Movie Screening #GetOutOneYearLater Is EPIC

Let's be frank here---the Universal Pictures film Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele, snatched each and every last one of our wigs and exposed our edges when we watched it in theaters last year.  One of my favorite movie reviews were from our senior film editor Leo Faierman who gave a thoughtful and academic perspective...

Bingo Love Evokes “Moonlight” In ‘San Junipero’ This Valentines Day

"For those who don't know Bingo Love, I see it as Moonlight meets Black Mirror's San Junipero episode." A happy little thrum of recognition rolled off of the crowd gathered at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse when author Tee Franklin described her gorgeous book as such. I had just finished reading Bingo Love at my table...