The Expanse: Pick A Side Trailer & Analysis

Three main characters including one we haven't met yet address the viewer head on, making a case for the legitimacy of their territory's rule. The fourth, makes a case for cooperation. It makes sense that Naomi is the voice of Belters, and it underlines her character growth over the first season. In the beginning...

The Parallel Lives of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Olivia Pope

By Shannon McKinley   OK, grown woman confession: I woke up one morning thinking about the similarities between the lives of Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) Summers and Scandal’s Olivia Pope. As someone who fangirled hard for Joss Whedon’s epic Chosen One, and an unapologetic Scandal-holic, I could not help but write about the parallels between the...

New Defenders Photos: A Blessing and a Curse

On January 12th nine new photos were released by Entertainment Weekly introducing The Defenders. The photos have an 80's Teen Beat feel to them including neon, subway smoke, and funky fonts. While it is exciting to see the team together and get a sense of what the show will be like the lack of melanin...

BGN Book Review: The Bone Witch

  Written by Ashley Spruill First of all, Happy New Year all! I’m excited to begin my 2017 with another book review. Now, I follow a lot of book-related blogs, websites, and social channels. So as 2016 was wrapping up, I was seeing a lot of lists about the most anticipated books coming out this year....

‘Insecure’ Star Jay Ellis to Star in New Film ‘Like Cotton Twines’

'Insecure' star Jay Ellis takes on religion and culture in the new UMC film, 'Like Cotton Twines.' Read more here at Black Girl Nerds!

BGN Comic Review: Assignment

  I don’t enjoy reviews with spoilers because then why buy the book?  However, I understand now the need. Be warned spoilers follow.   So Hard Case Crime in coordination with Titan Comics releases Assignment, written by Walter Hill (Triggerman) and Matz (Triggerman, Cyclops) by on January 11th.  So the publisher’s description says: Hitman Frank Kitchen's...

EveryMatrix launches Wunderino online casino

  The owners of the EveryMatrix gambling company reported the launch of a new online casino Wunderino, which was created by the developers of the brand. Representatives of the software solutions provider EveryMatrix, announced the launch of an innovative online casino Wunderino. Gambling website was created with exclusive Web API gaming platforms through which online casinos...

Gamesys Gibraltar Launches Online Monopoly Game

  Representatives of the gambling company Gamesys Gibraltar informed about the decision to expand the range of gaming services to the UK market by launching an online casino Monopoly Casino and the website mobile games. Board of Directors of the Gamesys Gibraltar company's announced the launch of a new online casino Monopoly Casino for UK users....

Love It or Hate It — There’s Something about ‘The OA’

#TheOA is very polarizing. And it annoying likes it that way. BGN TV reviews.

Why The Walking Dead Is More Than A TV Show

One Michonne cosplayer explains why 'The Walking Dead' is so much more than just a show about zombies.