BGN Review: A Tale of Two Planets

Lex Boogie & Senz Beats:  A Tale of Two Planets In an ideal world, all albums would have a little something for everyone. In reality, that’s rarely the case. To my surprise and delight producers Lex Boogie from the Bronx and Senz Beats have managed to accomplish just that with their collaborative project A Tale...

BGN TIFF 2017: Festival Award Winners

From September 7 - September 17, the Toronto International Film Festival took over downtown Toronto, to showcase hundreds of films in multiple theatres. The films ranged in genre from shorts (The Drop In) to feature length (The Mountain Between Us, Mudbound), they give light to stories and cultures from all over the world. At...

‘Star Wars Adventures’ Issue 1 — BGN Comic Review

Star Wars Adventures, Star Wars Adventures Issue 1
Are you a 'Star Wars Adventures' fan? Check out the latest 'Star Wars Adventures' Issue 1 comic book review here on Black Girl Nerds!

4 Things to Note from the ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Premiere

Black Jack bites the dust, Frank gets some rough treatment, and Jamie, oh Jamie needs to pull it together in the 'Outlander' S3 premiere.

All the Other Ricks and Mortys

rick and morty, adult swim
Wow. I mean, how do I even begin to describe this episode of Rick and Morty. It starts with Rick and Morty excitedly preparing for a trip to Atlantis. They get interrupted by a Rick and Morty from another dimension, who are looking for donations to help rebuild the Citadel of Ricks. Yes, the...

Tamora Monroe is a Fantastic Villain on ‘Teen Wolf’

Ish just got real-er on Teen Wolf So, I saw a teaser clip that showed the re-introduction of Ethan and Jackson to the series. I was super excited because I felt like Jackson’s story ended too quickly. But my excitement was quickly replaced by confusion because Ethan and Jackson are in a relationship. The last...

American Assassin Good Bad and Ugly Emphasis On Bad and Ugly

I’m going to cut to the chase: American Assassin, a film based on a bestselling novel by the late Vince Flynn, is as generic as its title. The whole movie is like a(nother) Jason Bourne origin story, but with a little Death Wish thrown in. There is nothing new to see here, folks. Move...

Art Imitates Life: Dark Matter Fans, Cast, & Crew Battle the Corporations

It’s Friday, two weeks after Syfy pulled the plug on one of its highest rated shows, Dark Matter. That sentence might seem nonsensical but showrunner, and the fandom's ad hoc Business of Media professor, Joe Mallozzi did a pretty good job explaining how something like this happens. Bottom line, it was the business decision...

BGN TIFF 2017 Review: ‘A Season in France’

A Season in France is the newest film from award winning director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. It is an official selection in the Special Presentations category and is eligible for the Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice Award. Starring Eriq Ebouaney as Abbas and Sandrine Bonnaire as Carole, A Season in France gives an in-depth look...

Comic Review — Star Wars: Captain Phasma Issue #1

Captain Phasma was one of the breakout stars of The Force Awakens. However many fans were disappointed with how the character was utilized in the film. There has been lots of positive buzz about Phasma’s upcoming appearance in The Last Jedi, and this comic series is the bridge between her fate at the end...