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BGN Comic Review: The Creators #4

BGN Comic Review: The Creators #4

By Britany Murphy

The Creators takes place in a world of imagination. It can be a powerful and terrifying place, add some very shady characters to the mix, well- you’re in for a world of trouble.

Antagonist, Maya is a creator- when she puts her pen or pencil to paper and begins to draw, her drawings come to life. Within a school where they are free from the fear of others, something sinister is lurking.

Many of the students have had their creations taken away, Maya included. They’re being studied and prodded, while being kept from their human counterparts. She thinks that something more is going on, but she doesn’t have the means to investigate, nor does she want to end up in trouble and cast out; she tries her best not to question it.

Writer and illustrator, Michael S. Bracco heads into a new world in this book, exploring something that many people hold most dear. Everyone’s imagination is different and houses some of our most unique thoughts. This is evidenced by how different from one another the creators’ depictions are.

There is something very personal about delving into someone’s mind and Bracco shows this perfectly. On one hand, you’re interested in being able to see the creations, but on the other hand, it almost feels like an invasion of privacy.

The book does cause the wheels in your mind turn and you sometimes feel like you’re between the proverbial rock and a hard place, especially seeing what’s going on to the creators and creations behind the school’s wall. This is where you use your own imagination and decide for yourself whether the institute is trying to help out the creators and creations, or if there is something more sinister afoot.

The Creators is an interesting read that is worth checking out.

Issue number three is slated for release on February 23.

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