Dragon Con, Dragon Con, Dragon Con

The Dragon Con parade is an Atlanta institution. Beyond being an opportunity for some intensely talented cosplayers to floss, it is an event that is free and open to the public and fun for the whole family. It is certainly an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning whether you’re partaking in all five days of Dragon Con or not.

I spoke with Lacoya Brogan who was at the parade with her family for the first time. She told me she thought it was interesting to see all of the adults participate. She enjoyed seeing all the characters that she could recognize. “I enjoyed it. I want to make sure, next year when I come back, I’m prepared. I want to be here on time and put more forethought into the costumes, but it was fun.”

Oh, I don’t know, I think Lacoya did a pretty good job putting forethought into these costumes for her child and nephew. I’m sure the whole family are going to show out come next year, though.

Special shout outs go to the Umbrella Corps and Cobra Command groups. They were huge! Between the zombies, scientists, and commandos, there was a lot of in-character work throughout.

As a Bioware fangirl, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tip my hat to the N7 Elite cosplay group. They were small this year, but they always have really accurate looking and vibrant cosplays.

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If I had one critique, it would be the splits and gaps in the procession. As press was stationed toward the end of the route, I understand that the structural integrity might have been less than optimal by the time we saw everyone due to the nature of parades. However, Dragon Con closes their parade applications pretty early so maybe they should consider increasing the slots for next year or they might want to group all the smaller contingents together to fill out the parade space a bit more.

Flip through the pictures below and see all the glorious nerdery we were treated to at the 2017 Dragon Con parade.


Dragon Con 2018 is scheduled August 30th to September 3rd.

BGN @ Dragon Con Parade 2017

2. Admit it, the opening song is in your head now isn’t it?

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con, steven universe

3. At this point assimilation can’t be any worse than what we got going on nowadays…

4. Gangway! A legend is coming through! Hey, Stan Lee!

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con, stan lee

5. Tali’Zorah vas Dragon Con

dragon con

6. Thor didn’t come in here to play. Don’t get zapped!

7. Rock ’em and sock ’em!

Dragon Con, Dragon Con, Dragon Con

8. Well this is a little on the nose, but I’ll allow it because y’all look dope.

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con

9. This is the coolest it’s been at Dragon Con in years. Do we owe y’all a thank you for that?

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con

10. Cobra Command was rolling deep. Had GI Joe shook because there wasn’t a single one in attendance!

dragon con

11. Ah yes, the Put the Pretty Ladies In Front marketing strategy. Can’t mess with a classic.

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con

12. It’s not all fandoms at Dragon Con, science enthusiasts are welcomed!

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con, science

13. We need so much more creative critical thinking in the world..

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con

14. “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con

15. A chaotic glut of Deadpools seems about right.

dragon con, dragon con, dragon con, deadpool, deadpool

16. That’s some impressive hardware, ma’am!

17. Hey shouldn’t you be off guarding the galaxy?

dragon con, dragon con

18. By the Dread Wolf! This is an adorable Merrill.

19. And a child shall lead them… during a zombie outbreak.

dragon con, dragon con

20. Gold Metal winners from the Special Olympics. Salute!

dragon con, dragon con

21. Morticia and Gomez are enjoying the afternoon, looking dapper.

Dragon Con, Dragon Con, Dragon Con

22. Well HEL-LO.

23. Hello, motley assortment of characters!

24. So good of Hogwarts to give the kids a day to enjoy Dragon Con

dragon con, dragon con, harry potter

25. Best ‘gal pals’ in all of Greece, Xena and Gabby!

dragon con, dragon con, xena

26. Just reminded of how thoroughly enjoyable Spiderman: Home Coming was.

dragon con, dragon con, spiderman

27. Genius move disarming folks with a cute smile before getting to the assassinating.

dragon con, dragon con

28. It’s not a party without the Halo guys.

dragon con, dragon con

29. Catch that wind with your cape, girl! Classic Wonder Woman teas.

dragon con, dragon con

30. It’s time to bounce when the scythe wielding giants come storming down the street!