Welcome to DrumpFlix Studios: a fake movie studio whose ‘films’ are derived from the Trump administration’s many nonsensical real life tweets and comments. Anyone fed up with this administration can purchase all sorts of real merchandise from these fake movies that were never made. Titles like Covfefe, Alternative Facts or The Bowling Green Massacre allows DrumpFlix Studios to highlight the absurdity of this regime in protest.

Honestly, any chance to make light of nonsensical things such as Trump’s Twitter ineptness is wholeheartedly welcome in the face of the utter havoc his administration is wreaking upon our planet. And because Paul Louise-Julie, the visionary behind DrumpFlix, wants this to be more than an aesthetically-pleasing comedic goldmine, there’s another way you can feel great about your purchase!

DrumpFlix merchEvery item is more than just a fun piece of Anti-Trump merchandise; 15% of every sale goes to a collection of amazing charities fighting for social justice. DrumpFlix’s current selection includes such charities as The Trevor Project (a suicide hotline for LGBTQ teens) or Planned Parenthood and Meals on Wheels. They’re going to add a new charity every time a new “movie” is made, bringing a whole new set of merch. Not only is this a fun way to resist and mock this xenophobic regime, it also raises awareness and increases support for these great organizations doing actual work against these fascists.

Ready to get your comedic resistance inspiration? Check out DrumpFlix Studios today! I myself plan to get an Alternative Facts hat.

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