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Four Great Ideas for Your Next Girls’ Night In

Four Great Ideas for Your Next Girls’ Night In


As committed feminists of the highest order, there’s nothing we love more than a dedicated girls night. We genuinely delight in getting our gal pals round and spending some quality time together, with only our fabulous selves to please and our own special brand of humour to entertain us.

But as much as we could talk together for days without pause, it’s still nice to have a bit of background fun to help keep us all on top form. Whether it’s baking, braiding, or making a beeline for some good, old-fashioned junk food, here are four great ideas for your next girls night in…

Host your own Great British Bake Off 

Okay, so we’re not quite on the level of Mary Berry, but if there’s one thing that’s sure to elevate any girls night get-together, it’s some scrumptious baked goods to chow down on. Whilst it’s always acceptable to buy these in and leave the hard work to someone else, it can be pretty fun to come together with your gal pals and make your own suitably sweet concoctions instead. Stock up on milk, flour, sugar, and more chocolate than an entire army could eat, and you should be all set to give it a go.  

Add a touch of glamour to your night 

You know how styling each other’s hair is a standard part of every pre-teen sleepover that ever existed? Well maybe it’s time to bring that back, and incorporate it into your grown-up get-togethers, too. Grab a laptop, get some YouTube tutorials up, and practise creating the fiercest styles around in preparation for the next time you hit the town. Do each other’s make-up, test each other’s products, and if you feel suitably gorgeous once you’re done, think about turning your girls’ night in into an impromptu girls’ night out. 

Create a home cinema experience 

So, you’re in your sweats, your hair is scraped up in a messy bun, and you don’t have a scrap of make-up on. All you want to do is sit back, relax, and sleep your weekend away. Resist the temptation and get in touch with your girls instead. Stock up on some popcorn and sweet treats, browse your Netflix account, and find a film that you’ve all been dying to watch. Once your gal pals arrive, grab as many duvets as you can, drag them downstairs, and curl up in a big pile on the sofa to enjoy your very own home cinema experience. You’ll love it so much that we bet you’ll end up making it a weekly occurrence.

Bring Vegas into your own front room

Want to do something that requires a bit more zest and zeal than just lounging around together? Then we think you’ll like this idea: creating a bingo night in your own front room. Make the dress code chic and stylish, google cocktail recipes on your laptop, and ensure that your cupboards are suitably stocked with alcohol. Once the last of your girlfriends rocks up, lay your cards out, have a bash at William Hill’s table games, and throw caution to the wind. Just remember not to get too carried away: after all, alcohol and good decision-making are not always the best of bedfellows!

Tell us, how will you surprise your gorgeous girlfriends the next time you play host?

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