‘Game On!’ Episode 2: Mr. Iglesias Olympic Event

SAT Prep Course has begun for Gabe Iglesias’s class and Whitney (Brooke Sorenson), who is there because the course doesn’t conflict with her family’s trip to the Tokyo Olympic. (I know what you are thinking but I’m pretty sure that this was recorded before current events transpired. Think of this as an alternate reality from our own.) Gabe decides to make the class prepare for the events by making a leaderboard with a medal count with each student as a country. Whitney chooses USA. How appropriate considering she has a doctor’s note to be able to have unlimited time on tests because her dad knows the doctor on a personal level. How privileged is this kid? The kids point out how wrong this is. 

In the teacher’s lounge, Gabe informs Paula (Sherri Shepherd) and Abigail (Maggie Geha) about Whitney’s doctor’s note. Tony (Jacob Vargas) walks in to use the school’s wifi to enter “Meet My Hero” contests to meet Salma Hayek, but the organization is meant for kids. Gabe dips to have a talk with Whitney about cheating despite being over-privileged. In the cafeteria, the class gets a full lesson in a race by having Grace win by a head start, but the teens learn that they just need to cross the finish line “by any means necessary.” Of course, Marisol (Cree Cicchino) understood the lesson. Back in the class, Gabe attempts to get the kids to understand why cheating isn’t good for anyone, but it is hard to teach that to a kid who was raised with every advantage and who also looks down on kids who are less fortunate than her own family. I mean, who could that possibly be?

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Tony convinces Paula and Abigail to sign up to meet their idols as well. He also admits that he signed up Gabe to meet Big Show, but he doesn’t want the girls to tell Gabe. After a reading comprehension test, the kids do not learn the lesson that cheating is wrong. Lance Armstrong is brought up as an example as how cheating works. Tony and the women don’t get their wins, but Gabe does have Big Show appear. Tony thinks it’s because he made it happen, but Big Show puts Tony in his place. 

Gabe brings in Big Show to scare the kids straight when it comes to cheating. His demonstration is of tossing Tony over his shoulder after catching him cheating. Whitney states that her dad is friends with Vince McMann, so she will learn the hard way. I assume her parents will get arrested in the same way that a couple of actors did after getting caught helping their kids get into college. 

Lesson: Kids learn better by scare tactics. All jokes aside, cheating is a huge problem in our country, especially for those who work hard to only not get the same treatment as those who got a head start in life. 

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