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Godhood Comics Debuts First Title With Leading Lady Mega Woman!

Godhood Comics Debuts First Title With Leading Lady Mega Woman!

Ready for the newest comic to fly off the shelves with a leading woman of color? Well, look no further than the Mega Woman series from Atlanta’s Godhood Comics!

Keisha Carter is Mega Woman: Urban culture meets Greek mythology when college basketball star Keisha Carter discovers she’s the prophesied last child of Zeus, destined to one day bring about the apocalypse.

Sounds pretty interesting, huh? Well, read on for more details about the publisher responsible for this new, sleek print!

About Godhood Comics:

Godhood Comics is an urban based comic publishing company founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to diversify characters and stories so that they are relatable to people of all colors, background, and creed. We aspire to generate creativity through acceptance and tolerance via complex character development and real world social Influence. Please join us in the adventures to come!

Who we are:

Godhood Comics is a new and independent comic publishing company whose mission is to introduce new characters and stories to an ever growing genre currently dominating pop culture. We aim to diversify characters and stories while dealing with real- world issues. We aim to introduce a new generation of iconic characters able to stand the test of time. We are Godhood Comics. Original, New, Necessary.

What they do:

Godhood Comics is dedicated to introducing brand new and original stories full of complex and diverse characters. Our stories are relatable and identifiable to people of all background and creed. We provide wonder and inspiration through fun and exciting action based comics, graphic novels, and other literary works.
Godhood Comics History:

Godhood Comics was founded in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. When we took our characters and concepts online we were greatly welcomed and appreciated receiving rave reviews worldwide. Through creativity and innovation, we have worked with some of the greatest artists, writers, and editors on the planet.
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