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How to Keep Up With Travel Requirements in 2022

How to Keep Up With Travel Requirements in 2022

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So you want to travel in 2022?

You figure as long as you are careful, follow guidelines and restrictions, you can still explore and be adventurous. The only limitation is how to keep up with the ever-changing travel restrictions. What if you get stuck on your layover because you did an Antigen test instead of a PCR test? Or you didn’t know how many hours beforehand to schedule your COVID test. Many of these new travel restrictions are meant to deter people from moving around. Yet, there are still ways to abide by the rules and not hinder your travel experience.

The most important thing is to keep updated with the travel restrictions. So instead of checking your Instagram first thing in the morning, you might want to check your airline’s website for any new updates.

To make your life easier, here are some of the most accurate and up-to-date websites that will support you on your journey.

Follow accredited travel news sites

When you’re sitting down for your morning coffee, this is a perfect time to read travel news sites. Three reliable sites are Travel News Daily, BBC Tourism, and Schengen Visa Info News. These sites have up-to-date requirements for traveling to Europe, the Americas, and other countries. Another important site to bookmark is the TSA website. Here you can find helpful information on carry-on items. For example, now you are able to carry up to a 12-ounce size of hand sanitizer, but other liquids still must follow the 3.4-ounce rule. You can even check each airline to see the number of COVID-19 cases amongst TSA employees.

If Europe is on your 2022 bucket list you’ll want to make sure you’re following Re-open EU. This website updates every two weeks with travel restrictions.

Lastly, and one of the most important websites to save is the Center for Disease Control website or the World Health Organization website. On the CDC websites, you can see an interactive map of COVID-19 cases along with a full list of COVID-related travel notices. WHO website gives your in-depth information about the virus and how the organization is responding.

Now let’s talk about when you’re on the go. With our mobile devices being our best friends, it’s important to download the necessary apps.

Download the app of the airlines you are using

A huge advantage of this is finding out first hand about delays, gate changes, and any other flight-related information. No more trying to understand the information they shout over the loudspeaker. You can track your bag, scan your passport and often times chat with a representative.

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You’ll want to put your vaccination card on your phone as well. Depending on your device, you can scan a photo of your vaccination card with the Notes applications or Microsoft Lens. It’s a great way to have a backup. Here are some other very useful apps.

Google Maps, yes you already have this, but now they have a feature that allows you to search for vaccination sites.

App in the Air makes booking flights easy. It allows you to search for your flights according to the cancelation policies and their COVID restrictions. This way there are no surprises when you try to board the plane.

Contact Tracking Apps: These apps are exclusive and different for every country. You can follow this list here to see the specific app of the country you are traveling to. These apps can help you know if you have come in contact with the virus. Note that they are not 100% accurate and work best when used along with other safety procedures.

Here are other helpful applications that aren’t related to COVID-19 but can be useful for your traveling during these uncertain times. 

Hotel Tonight is a great app to have in case things go wrong, you have an unexpected layover and need to book a last-minute hotel. The app even offers travel deals to its users.

Roadtripper: In case you’ve opted out of flying and want to know what that road trip life is like, this app is a must. It helps you to plan out your perfect road trip and helps you to find hotels along your route.

Loungebuddy: This app will tell you which lounges are available at the airport you are traveling from. Even if you don’t have a lounge membership, Loungebuddy can help you gain access. The app will help you buy a day pass or let you know of lounges that offer free entrance. This app is perfect for long layovers. You can rent a hotel room for a short period of time and for a fraction of the cost. You can take a nap on their luxury beds, indulge in a hot shower, and then return to the airport refreshed. 

Traveling in 2022 means that you’ll have to stay informed. And with technology and many travel news sites at our fingertips, staying informed is simple. With a little more attention to detail and awareness, you can make it to your dream destination with ease.

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