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10 Knowledge-Imparting “Code Geass” Quotes For Everyday Life

10 Knowledge-Imparting “Code Geass” Quotes For Everyday Life

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In case you’ve missed out on the incredible anime TV show, Code Geass, let me enlighten you. Code Geass has been out for 11 years, gaining a cult following over time and rightly-so. This show is a masterpiece, covering many controversial and sensitive subjects like war, racism, oppression, philosophy and historic tyranny. All these topics combined, make it a thought-provoking show.

Even calling Code Geass a show falls short of what it has accomplished. Code Geass is art and it’s expressed well through the animation. Below are the most spine-chilling quotes from the series. Let’s dive in…

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge

You see, the world will not change through naive talks.”

This is possibly my favorite Code Geass quote of all time. Talk will not change the world, taking action will. Many of us grow up having big ambitions and dreams but we end up just talking about these dreams and sitting on our hands. In reality, we need to get up and start taking steps towards achieving our goals.

2.Suzaku Kururugi

To desire some results, one must take actions.”

This quote from Suzaku compliments the previous quote from Lelouch and this is fitting since Lelouch and Suzaku are best friends in the world of Code Geass. This quote stresses results come from actions, not ideas or talks, execution is key.

  1. C.C

Death may be my only freedom.”

This quote is quite dark. Some people feel depressed and trapped in life as if their life is not going anywhere and waking up simply because they did. You can interpret this quote in many ways.

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge

Our crying for them won’t bring the dead back to life.”

Well… this one is another pretty dark quote. To add some context, at this point in the series, Lelouch has been through Hell. When a loved one is lost some people can spend so much time mourning their loss, they don’t even know if it’s light or dark outside.

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge

Being hurt on the outside is better than being hurt on the inside.”

Many of us can relate to this quote. When someone close to us hurts us, it can feel like they just ran a knife straight through our heart.

  1. Suzaku Kururugi
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The best way to remove your lies is to make them come true.

A very simple lesson that many of us tend to forget. The biggest take away from this quote is to not make promises you can’t keep.

  1. Shirley Fenette

Nothing is unforgivable. So if you cannot forgive him, it means you do not want to.

Sometimes we just need to forgive. We can’t necessarily forget the injustice that others have done to us, but forgiving is undoubtedly a healthier option than holding a useless grudge.

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge

The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!

In the world of Code Geass, innocent people are being killed left, right and center, with no questions asked. Dictators are ruling the world an no one can stand against them, except for the ones who have adopted this belief and believe in it strongly.

  1. Suzaku Kururugi

You have to gain society’s approval to get the power to change it.

Suzaku believed strongly that the way to change an oppressive system is not to destroy it from the outside with brute force. Instead, it’s better to work within it and change it from the inside out. This is where Lelouch and Suzaku butted heads. Even though they were best friends, Lelouch did not agree with this way of thinking.

  1. Suzaku Kururugi

A victory won through dishonest means is no victory at all.

When we lie and cheat to get what we want it can sometimes leave an ill feeling inside of us. We don’t deserve what we lied and cheated our way to get. If you don’t obtain something through legitimate means, then why do you deserve it?

So, which Code Geass quote can you best relate to?


By: Kess, the founder of TechAnimate. A geek blog that talks about all things related to anime and video games. I want to travel the world and go to places like Japan for the culture and of course, food! Most of my time is spent creating content for geek blogs and YouTube channels.


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