That inarticulate bellow you hear is Mass Effect fandom reacting to the official trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Bioware has stayed pretty mum about the details of this title for so long that people were speculating what might be wrong with it. But in the past month or so, they have committed to a media blitzkrieg that has incorporated EA’s own marketing outlets, IGN, Game Informer, and the vibrant fandom YouTube community. 

After you’ve treated yourself to this most scrumptious of trailers with the kickass music, I’d advise you to check out some of what the fan community has to offer. From reactions, to exclusive ‘first impressions’ videos and developers’ interviews, there is something for everyone! It’s enough to make the most jaded of ‘over-it’ gamers squee into their trembling fists. To get you started on your journey, here’s a list of some dope fan accounts. 

Jahbu: The Reaction Rasta





Bioware has shown up in force to PAX East this weekend, including Mike Laidlaw and other Dragon Age developers. We should all look forward to the news coming out of there, and quite frankly, expect some preliminary hype for the next Dragon Age game that has been coyly hinted at all through Andromeda’s launch cycle. Let’s go!

ETA: the trailer song, Rag’n Bone Man’s “Human”

Mass Effect: Andromeda drops 3/21/17 in North America & 3/23/17 in Europe. Early access starts 3/16/17.

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