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Mr. Robot Uses Code To Help You Hack The Season 3 Trailer!

Mr. Robot Uses Code To Help You Hack The Season 3 Trailer!

If you happen to be on Twitter today (which if you aren’t what are you doing with your digital life?) you may have stumbled upon some cryptic tweets coming from the Mr. Robot Twitter account.  Here are some samples of what I witnessed:


If you closely read the thread and its numbers, there are small pieces of the puzzle to give you the sum of where to find the season 3 trailer.  I couldn’t figure it out myself, but a few fans have!  The YouTube video is strategically unlisted making it non-searchable.  Therefore, the only way you can find the link is by solving the code!

This one of the first Twitter users to figure it out!


I was given the trailer from Rukhmani K Desai who was tipped off from Ivan’s tweet:

Did you hack the code? Tell us your thoughts on the season 3 trailer!

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  • Lol, this Mr Robot trailer is making my name pop up on Google too often.

    Actually, the whole puzzle started before the Twitter messages, with the picture of Bobby Cannavale, containing a morse code message on his tie. The message led to the url:

    Inside the URL a cryptic poem appeared, giving hints to pay attention to Twitter, and how to crack the message there.

    After all that I just kept waiting for all the Twitter messages to get the whole video id and go for the reward =)

  • Wow! Had no idea about Bobby Cannavale! Congratulations on cracking the code!

  • Thank you, it was really fun. Now I’m just curious on what the reward will be. @whoismrrobot asked for my t-shirt size and address. I wish those sweet Funko Pops would be sent as well… hahaha

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