BGN Opinion: Trump is Censoring the News and You are Helping Him Do It

“Fascism had understood (as dictators generally do) that deviant behavior is encouraged by the fact that the media gives it coverage. ” - Umberto Eco "Change the story, change the lead." - Robert DeNiro as Conrad Brean Wag the Dog In a tweetstorm over the course of two days, the 45th U.S. President managed to turn...

That Time I Saved ‘Superman’

BY DENNIS R. UPKINS Chances are you’ve probably seen him while looking up in the sky. You probably thought it was a bird. No… a plane.  The uncertainty is understandable. In addition to being more powerful than a locomotive, he’s also faster than a speeding bullet. Make no mistake. He's out there and has been...

BGN Opinion: Can We Talk about Why White Guys Are Allowed to Keep Shooting Up Our Country?

White men are shooting up our country and no one wants to talk about it. Like everything else that this privileged group does in the US, mass shootings are a topic that is blamed on everything but the white men who perpetrate them. The most recent shooting, at a Jacksonville, FL Madden tournament is...

BGN Opinion: Is Popularity-Based Healthcare Our Next Option?

By: Donnie Lopez Lately, it has been all over social media, pleas for help with healthcare..  My father has recently been diagnosed with cancer but cannot afford the treatment. He is a good man who has always helped others and now needs your help in return. Accompanying this post is usually a link to a GoFundMe page...

BGN Opinion: Can ‘One Day at a Time” Beat Hollywood’s Whitewashing?

By Donnie Lopez “This Is It! Gloria Estefan Is (Finally!) Coming To Netflix's One Day At A Time" I read this Netflix newsletter title and immediately thought about the words alone. I thought about all the prominent luminaries like Gloria Estefan whose ethnicities were misidentified at the beginning of their careers. Then my eyes moved from the...

Why The Supreme Court Ruling is Not a Pride Month Defeat

Four days into Pride Month, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the bigoted baker who refused to create a wedding cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig in 2012. The men made the request and expect to get the same service that any soon-to-be-married couple would. Instead, they were belittled, harassed, and trolled....

A Decade Later Iron Man Is still One of the MCU’s Most Dangerous Heroes — BGN Opinion

In honor of 'Iron Man's 10th anniversary, one BGN contributor takes a critical look at both the film — and it's star character has made both a great by dangerous impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lois Lane Goes Black For a Day: A Look at Racism and Cultural Appropriation With Superman’s Journalist Lover — BGN Opinion

While Superman and Lois Lane may be beloved superhero characters, they're not exempt from racism and cultural appropriation. Read on for more on Black Girl Nerds!

Kwanzaa May Be a Thing of the Past, But Here’s My Proud List of 2017 Kwanzaa-Bots — BGN Opinion

Kwanzaa may not be as popular as it used to be, but BGN contributor Ayana Underwood is proud of the holiday — and has even compiled a list of 2017's Kwanzaa-Bots! Read on for more!

Nola Darling Is One of the Most Emotionally Free Black Woman on TV — BGN Opinion

'She's Gotta Have It's Nola Darling may be a lot of things, but she's definitely one of the most emotionally free women on television to date.