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From August 31 – September 3, 2017, those of us who proudly call ourselves Nerds and Geeks descended on the Toronto Metro Convention Centre for FAN EXPO CANADA. This was my first time attending a con, and I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wondered if I would feel out of place, as I’m not a gamer or comic reader. But after receiving my press badge, I made my way to Building D, and as I entered, a huge smile spread across my face, and didn’t stop smiling the entire time.

As with any convention, FAN EXPO CANADA was an opportunity for fans to meet and interact with stars from their favorite movies and television shows such as The Expanse, and new ones like Star Trek: Discovery and Fox’s new show Ghosted. Fans attended panels where we learned what it’s like to not only be an actor, but what it takes to be a creator and artist.  There were special exhibits called ‘community displays’ where fans of various film and television franchises had full scale replicas of characters and set pieces.

The exhibitions weren’t only to display the artistic abilities of ‘regular’ people, they were also for a great cause. The 501st  Legion, is an organization that specializes in Star Wars and Dr. Who stalls with fully operational Daleks that trundled throughout south building. These exhibitors were just some of those who raised funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the local SickKids Foundation. There was even one where the actual Dalorean from Back To the Future was on display.

But of course, one of the major draws for FAN EXPO CANADA and other conventions such as San Diego Comic Con or Universal Fan Con would be the cosplayers. For me, seeing the cosplays were what I was most curious about, and I was not disappointed. I saw some amazing costumes, it is truly impressive the time and effort it takes to make these costumes. The details show not only artists creativity, but also the passion they have for what they do.

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I spoke to cosplayers like Sharon, who regularly volunteers at the expo, but on the day I ran into her, she was dressed as Wonder Woman. As we walked from St. Andrew’s Subway Station to the convention centre, Sharon told me about how making the costume with her own hands, is what makes cosplaying to special. It’s knowing that you have put in the work into representing a character that means so much to you. Sharon told me she always cosplays as Wonder Woman, but this year meant the most to her, because the film had been released and she got to see her hero in a film that broke records.

Throughout my days exploring the expo, I saw some amazing costumes, many of them I had no clue what or who they were, but there were some I recognized. Here are some of my favorite cosplays.

All in all I had a great time at FAN EXPO CANADA, and I definitely can’t wait to go back next year, maybe I’ll cosplay too 😉


Carolyn is a Bajan nerd living in Toronto, Jane Austen fan. I enjoy speculating on plot theories for my favourite TV shows, such as The Walking Dead, The Expanse, and black-ish. I will do karaoke anytime, anywhere.


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