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Netflix Creates Thumbs Up Feature Customized To Your Taste In Movies & TV!

Netflix Creates Thumbs Up Feature Customized To Your Taste In Movies & TV!


Now that April has arrived, you should already know what to check out this month on Netflix.  In case you forgot or missed it, check out our post about Black films coming to Netflix in April.  There are a plethora of titles to peruse through on your favorite movie streaming app, but we have more to share with you!

Netflix is now a dating app.


The rating system has changed on Netflix, and instead of a rating based on five stars or less, there’s a thumbs up or thumbs down option.  Now, most of you Netflix geeks are probably already aware of this adjustment, but do you know why and how it works?

It works like a dating app (see I wasn’t completely exaggerating) where Netflix will meet your match based on what you like and dislike.  Another cool feature is instead of just scrolling through them all; you can now tell Netflix that you don’t want to see a certain title EVER again by thumbing it down! Or, if you want to see more content like The Get Down or Dear White People — give it a thumbs up, and you’ll get more! Simple! And the more you use it, the more personalized your experience.



Netflix will find shows and movies that seem like a fit with a 95% match!  So it’s like Tinder plus mixed in with a little OkCupid? Yes? No?  Okay not really, but you get the picture.



Thumbs Down scenario:

When your mom visits and decides to watch Waterboy, and now you’re getting way too many Adam Sandler movies.

Thumbs Up scenario: 

When you want to learn and make sure you are woke AF, a few thumbs will ensure that you get titles like 13th and Dear White People served to you.

So give it a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down and make the movies and TV shows you love work for you!


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