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‘Raising Dion’: Episodes 7-9 The Ending We Could Have Never Expected

‘Raising Dion’: Episodes 7-9 The Ending We Could Have Never Expected

Raising Dion

Written by: Lebo Malatse

In this final recap of Raising Dion, we review episodes 7-9.

Episode 7: ISSUE #107: Why So Vomity?

Charlotte is on a road trip to Alabama. The farm that she pulls up to is covered with black spots here and there. Brayden is able to see Charlotte even when she is invisible and invites her inside.

Nicole and Pat are awkward after the kiss, obviously. She shows him the data and he is ready to take it to BIONA because their equipment could possibly crack the encryption but Nicole is not ready to risk her son’s life. Dion notices a sweet moment between Nicole and Pat but you gotta wonder what is on his mind. Tessa encourages Nicole to live her best life with Pat if she can.

After a short ride to school with Pat, Dion falls ill while trying to explain the science project to Johnathan. Could it be his attempt to help Pat with his migraines? Mama Nicole ends up in a rough spot with having to choose between an opportunity at work and her sick baby boy. This could give her a step up in her career. At the hospital, Kat has a moment with her girlfriend, Danielle, before she is called in to be an aunt to Dion. The moment she touches Dion, she rushes Dion to the ER which puts the Super Team on high alert. Dion’s fever rises and his powers affect the elements around him. His X-Rays are unusable but who knows what that bloodwork will bring back.

In Alabama, Charlotte speaks to Walter’s sister about his death. Unfortunately, his sister thinks his death was caused by the devil within him but Brayden saw the man in lightening take his dad. Did I mention that Brayden has powers to speak to Charlotte in her head? They will be talking later. Away from the aunt. Charlotte does seem to have a way with kids.

Nicole finally makes it to the hospital but doesn’t take Pat into the room with him. Round four of Kat vs Nicole begins when superpowers and the fact Kat doesn’t do what she’s told is brought up. Kat demands to be shown the powers but poor Dion struggles to do it while he’s sick. Kat thinks that they are all crazy, obviously. Pat sneaks in to talk to Nicole, bringing up the fact that Dion may have healed a fox and tried to do the same to Pat. Pat requests the memory card to find out more of what Mark was able to research. Nicole allows it.

Kat comes back and finally sees Dion’s powers but not until after she calls Nicole crazy. Now Nicole has to calm Kat down while worrying about her son. Not everything is about medicine and science. At least she apologizes and admits to almost putting Nicole in a psychiatric hold. That’s cold. But, Kat makes it all up willing to sacrifice her career by deleting Dion’s medical files. Dion gets a video call from Johnathon and Esperanza. Why do kids have iPads again? Dion struggles to stay awake for the call. BIONA’s own evil mistress Suzanne and leery Lars are watching Dion from their monitors, waiting for an opening… could it come from Pat?

Charlotte gets a breakdown of Brayden’s life and how his dad died. Brayden begs to go with Charlotte but as she refuses, he finds out about Dion and becomes furious enough to yell at her in her mind. The boy reads minds too. Kat gets caught deleting files by Danielle. Why didn’t she stop and hide it will forever be my question but knowing very well the answer is: conflict. Anyways, due to Kat not willing to tell Danielle about what is going on, she is taken off the case and Danielle is going to tell the board about their relationship. The iodine levels in Dion are found to be higher than normal. Luckily, Pat comes in with information that could help Kat and Nicole. Dion needs more iodine than the average human. Just when they add in more, Dion stabilizes after knocking all the adults out. His fever breaks and all is good…. Until Danielle and a group of doctors escort Kat out of the room. We find out that the hospital has called in the CDC for a level three quarantine. It’s just the opening that BIONA needs.

Raising Dion

Pat shoots his shot with Nicole, again. He would like to be a family but doesn’t want to replace Mark. Rejection is hard to take and he leaves. Kat comes back in tears and promises not to tell anyone about Dion. The CDC walks in and takes Dion away from Nicole in a BIONA black van. 

Didn’t I warn everyone about those vans? 

This episode was stressful. Nicole couldn’t reach her baby on time. Kat was controlling and clueless which didn’t help. Pat was sidelined hard and BIONA is scary. At least, Kat finds out what is going on with Dion eventually but my main concern is what caused Dion to get so sick in the first place. There has to be a reason. While Brayden may have lost his father, it is nice to know that there are kids like Dion out there but he was a little scary for a second there. I really called it on the black vans. It was painful to watch him get taken away but I am smug about being right. 

Episode 8: ISSUE 108: You Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry

Nicole is ready to grab her child and break anything and anyone in BIONA to do so. Suzanne claims to be trying to help by stating that the CIA could have taken Dion and Nicole is lucky that BIONA got to him first. Uh huh… Suzanne shows Nicole clips of Dion, proving that they have been watching him then switches to videos of anomalies around the world of storms that are attracted to Dion. With all the data they have, BIONA will be conducting experiments on Dion without the permission of Nicole. Nicole leverages Mark’s data for Dion and the data BIONA has on the storms. Something dangerous is out there in the world but Suzanne says it is not BIONA. Nicole is allowed to visit Dion in a glass box and take him home. At home, Kat is cooking shrimp and grits for Nicole, after losing her job. Family love is exactly what these three needs.

BIONA continues to watch Dion and Suzanne makes it clear that she knows about Pat and Nicole. Pat apologizes for not informing them about Dion the moment he found out. We do find out that Dion’s powers will make him sick if he’s pushed too far, like trying to cure someone or a fox. The next morning Charlotte pops up for coffee and to dish what she knows about Walter and his death. Pat comes through with his own detail and explanation of what he knows as well as to pick up Dion for school. What is up with these migraines that Pat has? Charlotte offers to go to school with Dion in incognito. The boy has to finish his science project.

At work, Nicole gets a much-deserved promotion as well as insurance. That’s a way to use your creativity. Rashad points out that their lunch on the dancefloor is still open but his cute banter with Nicole has too many double entendres for me to handle. Dion has to deal with Charlotte “haunting” him but she helps a bit dealing with racist Mr. Campbell by making him fall on his ass. Nicole makes it to the dance studio to get all sweaty with Rashad. She proves that she can still keep up with Rashad even after a child and years on hiatus.

An impromptu dance party breaks out at home when Nicole announces her promotion but it comes crashing down when Charlotte needs to talk. The people she is tracking are missing and the rest are hard to find. BIONA’s maps of the storm correlate with the dates that the people are vanishing. This is the same storm that was outside Dion’s room and the cabin. Nicole asks Charlotte to stay to protect Dion until it is time for them to run. She agrees. The next morning, Pat comes to pick up Dion as usual but sees the extra breakfast dishes, and tries to get Dion to spill the tea on mom’s friend. Aww, he’s jealous. 

Rashad is a tall, beautifully chocolate distraction that Nicole and I need. Especially when all he is thinking about is dancing with her. Pat walks in to see Nicole all wrapped up in Rashad’s arms while dancing. Jumping to conclusions quickly. When Nicole comes out of the studio, she finds Pat there with his feelings. He accuses Nicole of taking advantage of him because he is into her then asks if she is with Rashad because the breakfast plates must be for a guy, right? Somehow, he thinks that she is her business and even thinks that he has the rights to seeing Dion. This won’t be good.

At school, Johnathan shows off the storm extinguisher that he made for the science project and Dion’s jealousy pops out. Johnathan ditches the group to hang out with the skater boy. Dion tries to make Esperanza happy by lifting her out her chair but does more harm than good.  Charlotte points out that Dion doesn’t know Esperanza as well as a friend should. She rushes Dion up to the apartment and confronts Pat, who looks like he is getting sick. Pat thinks that he is practically Dion’s father and has the right to see him despite Nicole telling him to stay away. 

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When Charlotte pushes Pat away he drops the biggest bomb! “I should’ve killed you in New Orleans,” he says before his eyes turn black. Y’all, I did not see this coming. Pause and regroup because I need to review my notes! The world turns black as electricity takes Pat’s form. Suzanne calls Nicole to warn her of the storm forming but Dion is at home, away from BIONA’s safety. Dion is luckily preoccupied in his room with trying to reach Esperanza while Pat attacks Charlotte. Charlotte does her best to save Dion but Pat takes her just when Nicole pulls up.

Raising Dion

I do not know how in the world I missed Pat being the bad guy but first let me start at the beginning. Nicole is a badass mom when she needs to be! Security can’t hold her and I do believe she would have taken the whole place down if she didn’t stop. Nicole can carry her own against Suzanne and I love it! Who knows what hell she and Kat would’ve raised if they both stormed in?

I hate that we had to lose Charlotte. I loved the way she was ready to fight for Dion and died trying but OH MY GOSH Pat is a killer! Wait, he really did play the nice guy role well. I actually believed it. I hate that I believed it. In what world did he think that he was entitled to Nicole and Dion? Why do guys think that just because you like us means that you deserve to be with me? Cause you are nice?? Yeah, no. Pat tried to shoot his shot but can’t handle rejection. He should’ve stayed in his line as the godfather. Even I know my godchildren aren’t mine. By the way, PAT KILLED MARK!!! He’s handling that death well. 

Episode 9 ISSUE #109 Storm Killer

Iceland 2010 in the yurt, Pat is enjoying the Northern Lights when the data shows the fluctuation of radiation and heat. He loses connection to Mark then makes his way outside. Bad idea considering he is hit by the showers from the comet that absorb into his body, leaving scars.

In Atlanta 2018, Pat tries to have a romantic evening with his girlfriend, Kerry from Iceland. Kerry is breaking up with Pat but he thinks that her feelings will change if she comes to live with him. Not listening to her. Kerry points out that he is doing too much and can’t handle when things aren’t going well. I see why he is always single. He tries to prevent her from leaving but when he won’t let go, she burns him. I wish I had that power. Pat, angrily turns into the Crooked Man aka the man of lightening. Then we are back to the current time where Pat kills Charlotte. 

Nicole rushes into the apartment and takes Dion away. Pat turns back to himself and walks into the apartment looking for Dion. Boy is mad when he can’t find them. Kat is drowning her sorrows with a glass a wine when Pat shows up looking for Nicole claiming that Nicole is crazy and will hurt Dion. Kat isn’t taking that mess from him and tells him to leave but he shuts it down. Kat tells him that Nicole is going up to see their folks which eases Pat’s mind enough for him to leave. She locks up her doors (good) then calls Nicole to inform her that Pat was looking for her. Nicole tells her that they are leaving and isn’t telling anyone where they are going. 

Child, just like that.

Pat is going crazy in his apartment texting and calling Nicole about where’s she at. We get a glimpse of the red scars on his body from the comets. Pat gets the great idea of texting Dion through a game they both play. Dion lets him know that they are at the cabin. Cue evil smile. Dion wants to go back to talk to Esperanza and Pat but Nicole lets him in on what happened between her and Pat. A lesson on boundaries comes up (needed for everyone) and how Pat didn’t listen. Dion understands enough to realize that he didn’t respect Esperanza’s boundaries. He tells Nicole what happened at school and is upset with not being able to go home. He teleports all over the cabin but not back home like he wanted. 

Quickly, it gets dark outside as if a storm is coming. Nicole busies herself with boarding up the cabin while Dion attempts to get to school by focusing on centering himself. Outside the sun is back and on the porch there is Pat, avoiding every question Nicole has about how he got there. Good time to run. Pat shoves his way through Nicole to see Dion but Dion teleports to school. Pat yells at Nicole about how she is ruining his plan for them to be a family. He doesn’t want Dion to heal him even though he is dying but is absorbing other people to stay alive. Like he killed Mark. Nicole attacks him with no avail and dude blows up the cabin, with her inside, as he leaves. 

In a flashback, we are introduced to a drunk Nicole and a studious Mark at a library. Mark sweetly tells Nicole on how he would talk to her dad about reconsidering paying her education. Back in the present, Nicole finally wakes up to search for Dion. Dion makes it in time to make his speech for the Science fair and apologizes to Esperanza. Nicole calls Suzanne to let her know that Pat is the storm and is trying to get to Dion. Suzanne takes too long to understand this. 

Pat shows up to the science fair but Dion isn’t leaving until he presents the project which could get him and his friends into the gifted program. He really is sweet. However, Pat whisks Dion away for a quick chat on how he needs Pat to heal him because he is dying. That’s a lot to put on a kid. Nicole walks in on Dion trying to save Pat and she lets him know that Pat is the Crooked Man and killed Mark. Pat threatens Nicole’s life for Dion to come back and finish what he started. Dion comes back as if he will continue but instead throws a fireball at Pat. Really smart kid. Pat transforms as Esperanza and Johnathan join the other two to save them. BIONA finally comes in with a plan that I’m sure that they stole from Dion’s science project. Pat, in all lightening form attacks all the adults and Dion steps in to use his powers against him. Esperanza points out that Pat only sees Dion and not Nicole, he hit hurt on accident. During the battle between Dion and Pat, Mark makes an appearance by pulling out from Pat’s chest which weakens Pat. Nicole runs out with a metal rod to penetrate Pat’s body then instructs Dion to aim at the rod. The combination blows Pat up and releases spirits around them. In the rain, Mark holds Dion and Nicole for a loving family moment. He warns them about energy never-dying which means Pat isn’t gone and that Dion needs to be strong. Dion says that he will find a way to bring Mark back. Oh, my heart. Nicole holds onto her husband a bit longer and gets a final kiss before he fades away with the rain. For now, everyone is safe. In a voiceover, Nicole states that whatever is coming will have to go through her first. 

Back in Alabama, at Walter’s farm, we find Brayden stepping over his dead aunt’s body and being followed by a dark electric cloud that absorbs into Brayden when he makes his way onto the road… 

So, we find out how Pat became the Crooked Man but we see that he has always been an ass to women. Now I know why this incel was unable to keep a woman and was somewhat jealous of Mark. Why was Mark friends with this man?! He doesn’t listen to his partner and pushes for what he wants more than what is needed. He deserves the relationship because he pays for it and it is fair for him. Guys like him are scary as hell and never learn to do better. His whole behavior raised my blood pressure and had me upset. 

I’m concerned about how Dion is using his powers to get what he wants but I am proud of him for understanding that he was wrong when it came to Esperanza. He really wanted to make things right. Pat manipulated Dion to getting what he wants but Dion fought him to save his mom. That’s love right there. The two with the help of Esperanza and Johnathon are able to defeat Pat. The ending had me all fuzzy and warm after all we went through with Pat. Dion has a team of people that are watching and taking care of him. Mama Nicole is the first line of defense and I ain’t mad. I just hope the rest are all on his side because Brayden is about to be a problem. He has already killed once…

Thanks for checking out our recaps of Netflix’s Raising Dion!

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