Of all the books in the Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this book gives us an in depth look at one of the new characters in The Last Jedi: Amilyn Holdo, the character being played by Laura Dern.

The focus of this story is the training and lifestyle of Leia on Alderaan. She has just completed her Day of Demand, the first step in being declared the official heir.

Though Leia is succeeding in her professional duties, she is feeling lost and shut out by her parents. The close knit relationship the three have shared is on the wane; her mother is obsessed with entertaining and checking the kingdom’s accounts, her father is constantly traveling, and for the first time, Leia finds doors closed to her and gatherings where she isn’t invited. To shield her pain, Leia dives into her required tasks and the young senators program that has her traveling the galaxy and meeting new friends like Kier and Amilyn

Yet Leia still can’t let go of the pain Bail and Breha are causing her and she begins to investigate them. What she discovers leads her to a choice that will change her life and the fate of the galaxy.

Claudia Gray does a fantastic job in this novel. She crafts moments both small and large that are the building blocks of the Leia we know and adore.

This book pulled at all my heartstrings. I have never envisioned Leia as a perfect character, but my love for her grew through watching her make mistakes and seeing how she overcomes them. A fantastic read!

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Written by Kai Charles