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“Stranger Things” Things

“Stranger Things” Things

While we don’t know when Stranger Things will be dropping it’s second season, we do know a bit more about what is going to go down in season two. David Harbour, the actor who plays Chief Hopper shared some little bits of information during his appearance at the Fan2Sea Comic Con cruise on Jan, 21.

Over the past few months, the production has added an assortment of actors to their already large cast. Perhaps they’re loading the season with expendables for the monster or monsters to stalk munch on throughout the season. For example, back in November, Variety reported that Sean Astin was joining the cast. We know now that he will be a love interest for Winona Rider’s character, Joyce Byers. And Hopper is not exactly jumping for joy over their union. I think I’m going to like watching acerbic, yet lovable Hopper being jealous.

I say the more the merrier with the casting as long as the makers don’t forget that the core kids are the heart and soul of the show. I want to follow the adventures of Lucas, Mike, Dustin, Eleven, and Will in just as much detail if not more than I did in Season 1.

Of the cast editions, Linnea Berthelsen adds a wee bit more color to the ensemble as a woman with a troubled past tied to all the spooky events.


There is tension between the people who know what happened and want it known, those who know what happened and want to keep it hush-hush, and those who have no clear idea what happened.

It’s also interesting to note that Barb’s story will get some kind of closure. The public outcry about her character probably stemmed from her relatability coupled with  incredulity at how easily she was discarded by the town and the writers. While I’m happy there will be some follow up, I’m still bummed that a character with her potential was eliminated so quickly. Ah well, I’m still super excited for this fun, nostalgic, supernatural scifi show.

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Also, in non-Stranger Things news, we need to send a shout out to Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, for landing a starring role in the upcoming Godzilla movie. Variety reported earlier this week that this young woman is adding another genre role to her resume, this one attached to a huge, long running franchise. Not bad at all!


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