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Study on the Go: Making the Most of Dead Time

Study on the Go: Making the Most of Dead Time

Life is a busy thing. Even the most put-together woman doesn’t have the time to do everything she wants, so what about the rest of us? Time management is key, of course, but this can only lead us so far. Fortunately, in some areas at least, technology has advanced to such a degree that this dead time can be effectively used to learn and even finish some tasks. The time we spend waiting at a bus stop, or before work starts, or even just in the few moments we find throughout the day can all be spent picking up a new skill or hobby, with a little help from modern tech. Here we’ll go over just a few helpful tips to get you started.

Setting Your Plan

Planning is often the key to success, and this is definitely the case here. Before we begin you need to decide on what you want to learn, and how far you want to go. For some this is easy, for others it can be the pursuit of a lifetime. Once you have an idea (assuming you are not the latter), though, we can get going. The key component to help us in this is going to be our mobile devices. Phones and tablets work best here, though laptops can also work if you can find the space.

Friends with Mobile Phones” (CC BY 2.0) by garryknight

Helping Hands

While these programs are great, there are going to be limitations. Some places might not allow tech devices, in which case a simple notebook can act as a fantastic and portable method to jot down and study the elements you find the most forgettable. Likewise, access to the internet might limit your ability to rely on apps which require access. This is especially the case like with the wifi offered in schools, which be overzealous in its blocking. Fortunately, there are a few possible solutions. The simplest solution is to use a VPN for school wifi which can effectively circumvent many of these limitations, enabling more concrete access to the internet for work, studying and more.

All About The Downloads

The great thing about tech today is that it is so widespread. Almost anything you want to study will have an app which can teach you, and often these will be free. Simply download these apps and familiarize yourself with their operation, being sure to opt for offline versions when you can, for the sake of convenience. This may seem obvious to those who have already experimented with such services, but many are yet to understand the sheer breadth of what is on offer. This runs the gambit from languages to math, science, history, and art – as long as it isn’t too niche you should be able to find a program to help you. Heck, even if it is niche you still might find something.

iPhone apps” (CC BY 2.0) by IN 30 MINUTES Guides

A Little Work Goes A Long Way

Repetition and constant attention is a fantastic way of consolidating your lessons into long-term memory. This is one of the reasons why these small programs and notebooks are so helpful. Pull that information back into your mind, however briefly, and you massively increase your ability to hold what you learn. Even if you don’t have access to your device or notebook, going over what you have in your head can work as well. Small, consistent efforts, as often as you have the energy, and your progress will only continue to march forward.

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