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BGN Book Review: ‘Telescoping Effect Part 1’

BGN Book Review: ‘Telescoping Effect Part 1’

By: Christina Angela Jeter

Author Rasheedah Phillips takes me through the looking glass of a telescope that can change the past, but it’s up to the future to want to make that change. In the book, Telescoping Effect,  protagonists Shirley Ann and Ma Belle are kin but the ancestry connection between them goes much deeper than blood.

The book introduces me to the organization ‘RCG’ ethics and employees of the company, especially Elaen A’roz Smith, who is questioning the true intentions of her co-workers, Kenneth Briggs and Lula Belle, who have the power, knowledge, and wisdom to help take down ‘RCG’. But will they keep going along to help the company continue its exploitation or will they just make an explosion of the truth behind management’s real reasons for research?

Enter into a secret society everyone knows about, but a few selected will risk their lives to do what they can to expose its discrepancies. I can’t help but keep turning the page as Alice in Wonderland couldn’t help walking forward instead of back through the mirror.

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us. Long before it happens.”

One of the many reasons I enjoy this literature and think other readers will to is because it comes in sagas and the 1st one was only 51 pages, it reads like a memoir but plays out in my memory like an suspense fantasy. Filled with historical archives such as maps, outlines, drawings and newspaper clippings, ‘Telescoping Effect’ makes you see clearly, how we are all connected?

“The observed observing the observer, locked in gaze- in on itself, creating an infinite loop”

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