Valkyrie Is One of Marvel’s Baddest Ladies And Tessa Thompson Is A Perfect Match

When we first heard that Tessa Thompson would be a part of the Thor: Ragnarok cast, November seemed very, very far away. The time passed by quickly, however, and with just a few short weeks before the movie’s release date, it only seems fair to talk about three reasons we’re so excited to see Thompson as Valkyrie.

1. In the Marvel Comic Universe, Valkyrie is an Asgardian warrior with superhuman strength and durability. In fact, under a spell cast by Amora the Enchantress, Valkyrie once battled Hulk to a standstill, giving the big green guy a run for his money long enough for him to revert back to his human form. Thompson has already proven that she’s more than capable of playing a tough character; she took on the role of Civil Rights activist Diane Nash in the movie Selma. We can’t wait to see her bring that toughness to life on the big screen as Valkyrie!

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2.  In the comics, Valkyrie was an ally and one-time love interest of our favorite Asgardian thunder god. Who better to keep Thor in his place than someone strong, smart, and possibly a little bit sassy? Anyone who’s seen Creed knows that there’s no shortage of sass Thompson can bring to an onscreen persona. If her character, Bianca’s snarky first interaction with Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis is anything to go by, Valkyrie will be keeping Thor on his godly toes in Ragnarok.

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3. Valkyrie eventually became a longtime member of the superhero group the Defenders. There’s seemingly no end to what Marvel is planning to do with the expansion of its onscreen universe, which means we could be seeing a lot more of Thompson as Valkyrie in the near future. Thompson is already listed among the cast for Avengers: Infinity War, and with ten awards and seven nominations under her belt, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the MCU decided to give her more screen time. And that’s just fine with us.

Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Tessa
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Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters everywhere on November 3.

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