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Themes from The Gifted that will make you want to check out the premiere

Themes from The Gifted that will make you want to check out the premiere

Written by: Bibi G. B.K.A. Kay-B

At our San Diego Comic-Con Press exclusives, I got a chance to chat with some of the stars of Fox’s upcoming mutant thriller, The Gifted. Here they discussed everything from familial ties, to what they know so far and more! So, here are some things I picked up from our chat:

  1. Family is the center of the show: This show really revolves around the Strucker family. Daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) has known since she was a child that she is a mutant. It is her awareness of the mistreatment of the mutants, plus her dad’s job as a mutant prosecutor, that keeps her quiet until one fateful day. This day belongs to her little brother Andy (Percy Hynes White). Andy is having a terrible time in school being bullied incessantly and finally has his mental break, except when he does, his powers fully manifest, and Lauren is right there by his side. In a way, Andy’s moment of pain unlocks a new bond between the two of them that allows her to finally be honest about her powers.


  1. Jace Turner is more than meets the eye: Jace (Coby Bell) seems like someone who is vicious in his relentless pursuit of mutants, but as with all human beings, he is layered and far more complex. Jace doesn’t want mutants gone just because he is evil, but rather because a loved one of his lost her life at the hands of mutants, and he just wants to see justice served for those mutants who are wreaking havoc on the world.
Photo: Ryan Green/FOX
  1. Lorna Dane aka Polaris might just steal the show: Emma Dumont, who plays Lorna, was equally a delight and a force in the roundtable interviews, fueling my excitement to see her portrayal of the iconic Polaris. Polaris is a complicated mutant, but one thing is for sure, she is out and proud. Her acceptance and vocal discontent with the mistreatment of her brethren make her dangerous in the eyes of the law. I will say, while Polaris is strong, an unlikely mentorship with someone who is struggling to accept their own powers might just show a different side to this onscreen version.


  1. Reed Strucker knows what’s important: Reed’s day job as a prosecutor puts him at odds with mutants, so you can only believe how this complicates his home life once he finds out his children are mutants as well! Naturally, Reed (Stephen Moyer) should be at a crossroads, but I was assured that Reed’s priorities and allegiance lie with his family. It is safe to say that Reed might lose his job, but that is nothing compared to losing his family, and Reed is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe!


After my chat with this lovely cast, I am definitely intrigued by this pilot! I am looking forward to getting more exclusives (the cast has only shot the pilot to date) and finding out just how deep the Strucker family goes in order to stay together and protect each other! Catch The Gifted when it premieres this Fall on FOX, October 2nd!

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