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Wakanda’s Midnight Angels are More Powerful Together

Wakanda’s Midnight Angels are More Powerful Together

By: Janaya Greene

When Black Panther: World of Wakanda Pt. 1 left off, the newly inducted Dora Milaje’s initiation ceremony was interrupted by a massive flooding. T’Challa granted the Avengers permission to hide in Wakanda, which lead ruler of the undersea Atlantis, Namor, to flood The Golden City. At the time, he was possessed by Phoenix.

Part two picks up with The Golden City in ruins and nearby Wakandan cities similarly destroyed. Many people are killed by the flood, families are separated, and citizens of Wakanda are unhappy with T’Challa’s decisions. Like other Wakandans, Ayo and Aneka are also in distress, Ayo blaming a lack of actions taken by the country’s leaders to retaliate and Aneka wishing Ayo would be patient and trust Wakandan leadership.

Two months later, citizens of Wakanda gather at the Hall of Letters to hear Queen Shuri speak at a dedication ceremony in honor of those lost to Namor’s flood. As the queen begins her prideful speech, a man begins to approach the front of the crowd, with a small piece of paper, yelling, “I must speak with the queen!” He claims to have important information he wants to share with Queen Shuri, but the dagger is accompanying him doesn’t help his case.


After being detained by Ayo and Aneka, it’s found that the unnamed man carried a photo of his deceased wife, who was killed in flood. The dagger, he claimed, was only intended to get Queen Shuri’s attention. He said he wanted to tell the queen that T’Challa was pushing Wakanda to ruins and that he feels T’Challa’s loyalties are to the Avengers, not his country. He mentions the king isn’t helping rebuild the city with the rest of it’s citizens. This Wakandan’s story stimulates the tensions between the two future Midnight Angels even more.

Ayo agrees with the anguished man, asking, “Are we to trust (T’Challa) blindly?” and Aneka declares her seniority in the Dora Milaje, telling Ayo, “You forget your place…” More dense words are shared. Then Ayo makes it clear that she will never be a contender for T’Challa to marry. But the strain between the two subsides, at least for a little while, when Ayo leans in, and the two share a kiss.

Unfortunately, Aneka and Ayo’s clear passion for each other remains tumultuous when we fast-forward to a later scene with Ayo laying in bed, and Aneka preparing to leave. Again, Aneka makes it clear that the Dora Milaje are supposed to offer themselves to King T’Challa “in all ways.” Ayo, unwilling to submit her romantic life to the king, exudes chills as she states, “ I will heed your judgment in this, but let us be clear: What is between us is not new. What is between us is not wrong. And I am not a patient woman.”

Ayo and Aneka are reassigned to protect T’Challa for duty. He is hoping to make Namor an ally, and unlike in earlier circumstances, Ayo openly disagrees. More war and death encompass Wakanda after T’Challa’s order, and even Aneka will no longer be silent. Upon Queen Shuri questioning T’Challa on what had happened, he told her there were no worries to the kingdom. Aneka revealed to Shuri that T’Challa lied. She then split her weapon in half, along with other Dora Milaje, and declared herself “done” with the king.

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This arc ends with Aneka questioning who she is without the Dora Milaje and Ayo not allowing her to self-doubt for long. The two agree that though the future is uncertain, Wakanda will change and so will they.

The Dora Milaje are back at their training facility in Upanga, and contrary to what is assumed of Mistress Zola, commander of the Dora Milaje, she believes the bodyguards’ decision was necessary. According to her, they serve Wakanda, and each other, above all. Most of the women agree but Folami, who was already predicted to be a bit of trouble, did not.

In the midst of Wakanda’s chaos, Ayo and Aneka request time off, together. Back at the Royal Palace, Shuri and Ramonda discuss T’Challa’s questionable decisions and are interrupted by Folami. Folami tells the royal family that the Dora Milaje are betraying them, by questioning and distancing themselves from T’Challa. To her surprise, the royal women made it clear that they still trust the Dora Milaje, in addition to the bodyguards’ decisions.

Folami left the palace, angry at being dishonored when a passerby gave her the location of a man named Aoko. The mysterious man said Aoko would be interested in meeting her, based on the information she shared with the Ramonda and Shuri. Later, we find Folami with unusual speed and energy, powers she attributes to “nanites.” Mistress Zola is everything but happy to see Folami’s new abilities.

As Ayo and Aneka prepare to vacation, they argue over Aneka calling Ayo her “friend” to Mistress Zola, who is very aware of their relationship. Aneka requests more time to digest their wavering relationship, and Ayo says she will give her time, “but not an eternity.” We later learn that the future Midnight Angels are vacationing in America, New York City to be exact. They set up a picnic in Central Park and briefly entertain the idea of living in the Big Apple. After which, they declare their love for each other to be endless.

After dinner that night, the two face a danger that women all over the world can, unfortunately, relate to random men catcalling them as they walk down a street. One man even reaches for Aneka, as he complains about her not thanking him for complimenting her. This is when the two show off the skills they learned in Upanga. As Aneka yanks one of the men’s arm, she demands he apologize to her and her “girlfriend.”


Once the two look to be settled and relaxed after the night, they receive a call from Zola. The Black Order is attacking Wakanda, and the country needs their help. The two look to be slightly surprised and slightly expecting of this attack, given the recent chaos in the country. Ayo and Aneka aren’t sure what is happening, but they know that as long as they have each other, they’re ready for any fight.

Janaya Greene, a girl of the south side of Chicago (as former President Barack Obama would say), is a writer, journalist, and photographer dedicated to sharing stories and creating in any way that she can. Her work has appeared in MTV News’ website, VICE and more. Janaya’s short film, Veracity, is also showing on Showtime Networks. Read more of her writing at and find her on social media at @janayagr.

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