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‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 5: “On A Very Special Episode ” — RECAP

‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 5: “On A Very Special Episode ” — RECAP

**Warning major spoilers ahead**

Wanda and Vision struggle to put the boys down for a nap. While Vision looks for binkies for the kids, Wanda attempts to magically get the babies to sleep but it doesn’t work. The binkies work a second then spat out. Wanda mentions that they need help. Cue Agnes ringing the bell and walking in, luckily Vision changed his appearance without notice, and offering help to quiet the tykes. Wanda is grateful for the assistance but Vision is full of concerns that he expresses which causes Agnes to forget her lines and ask Wanda if she should “take it from the top”. The break is weird but Wanda insists that they allow Agnes to give it a try then the two women laugh like everything is fine. 

As Agnes comically rocks the twins, Vision takes Wanda aside to ask her what just happened. Wanda states that Agnes was just confused, however Vision points out that Agnes looked at Wanda in a strange way. I guess Vision is the only one that doesn’t know what is going on? He questions if Wanda didn’t see what he saw. The twins finally quiet down but when the couple checks on them, they are no longer in the cribs. They are surprised with two young kids that call them mommy and daddy. Agnes makes a cute statement about how you can’t control kids no matter how you try. This is not normal.

Opening sequence reminds me of Growing Pains and Full House which totally works for this 80s version of this show. I wonder who sings the theme song. 

Monica and Director Tyler Hayward debrief on her experience in a voice over as Monica is seen by a doctor. Agent Jimmy Woo and Dr. Darcy Lewis, check up on Monica and inform her that there is a briefing. The doctor states that Monica’s X-rays are blank and will need another blood draw but our dear captain refuses to go through that again. In the briefing, Tyler informs all everyone that Wanda is not a victim and actually the one controlling everything. Jimmy gives the group intel on Wanda’s history, when Tyler interrupts, JImmy states that he is simplifying Wanda’s experience. Tyler doesn’t seem to like that very much and brings up that Wanda was once against the Avengers, depicting her as a villain but Jimmy points out that she gained their trust and joined the Avengers as well. Tyler promptly takes over the briefing to talk strategy. It would seem that Jimmy and Darcy do not like the director at all. 

Tyler states that Wanda is a terrorist but Monica speaks up stating that Wanda is not a terrorist by any definition of the word despite the details that she gave of her experience. The two go back on forth on what they think of Wanda and her current state. Monica does not think that any of this is premeditated. Well, Tyler seems to have footage that proves otherwise. He shares footage of Wanda entering a top secret location of S.W.O.R.D where Vision’s corpse was. It happened nine days ago. By storming the facility and resurrecting VIsion, Wanda violated the Sokovia Accords and Vision’s living will. Vision didn’t want to be a weapon. End of briefing. 

Darcy and Jimmy discuss how it could be possible for Wanda to bring Vision back to life as well as wonder what will happen once Vision finds out the truth. 

Back to the show, Tommy and Billy seem to be up to something in the kitchen when Wanda walks in. The two have found a dog and beg mommy to allow them to keep him. Vision walks in and greets everyone formally which Wanda notices. She asks him why he did so and he states that he’s got a feeling someone will pop in and he wants to be prepared. Agnes does exactly that and in hand she has a dog house. Vision finds that strange. Agnes asks the boys what names they chose for the dog and they give an answer. Wanda makes it official by conjuring a leash. Vision points out that she did that in front of Agnes, which Wanda replies nonchalantly but Vision reminds her that they agreed to her hiding her abilities. Wanda says she is tired of hiding and doesn’t think he should either. Vision, however, questions Wanda as to what she is keeping from him. Oh dear. The boys interrupt to ask mommy and daddy if they can keep the dog. Their answer is that they can have a dog when the boys are older. Like ten years old. Magic twins look at each other and smile just before they age. Wanda and Vision’s verbal attempts do nothing. Agnes casually jokes that hopefully the dog stays the same size. 

Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy discuss what she will need in order to reenter Westview and what has happened on the show. Monica thinks she knows the perfect aerospace engineer to help. I’m certainly curious. Darcy points out that a suit may be able to get her in but can’t protect her against the Hex that could mind wipe her. Jimmy wonders if anyone has identified the twins. Monica states that everything is real and the kids are Wanda’s. She also brings up that Wanda nearly took out Thanos on her own when Jimmy and Darcy question Wanda’s abilities. Jimmy mentions that Captain Marvel came close to taking out Thanos too. Give Monica a moment. How long has it been since she has seen her mom’s dear friend? Monica changes the subject back to Wanda which the two others notice.

Monica and the two head to the lab to check out the wardrobe that she was wearing when she was swiftly ejected from Westview. She takes Jimmy’s gun and shoots at the clothing but nothing happens to the material. According to the lab research, her pants are 87% Kevlar, which means that Wanda is rewriting reality. Things are changed when they go in, so the question is what happens when something that doesn’t need change is sent in. 

Vision is in the office setting up a computer. Norm is surprised as to what computers are able to do. Vision helps Norm set up the internet and they receive an email… from S.W.O.R.D. The email states what Darcy noticed with radiation and the unknown effects on the residents. The whole office reads the email aloud and Norm laughs it off stating it is a joke but Vision looks concerned. Vision connects to the computer then does the same thing to Norm who seems to snap out of the tv reality. Norm frantically asks for help and asks where his phone is , what day it is, etc. Vision calms him but Norm states that Vision “has to stop her, she’s in his head, and his head hurts”. When Norm starts yelling, Vision connects to Norm’s head again, bringing him back to tv reality again. At home, the twins are teaching sparky, the dog, new tricks. They want to show dad but he is at work. They point out that today is Saturday, catching Wanda in a lie. Wanda informs them that something at work came up and dad needed a distraction. The boys think he needs a distraction from them but Wanda quickly and heartfully explains disagreements and how the two boys would do the same. Billy asks if Wanda has a brother and she informs him that she does but he is far away. 

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Sparky runs to the front door and barks, alerting the twins. Wanda gets up, tells the boys to stay there, then goes outside to check. Of course they don’t listen. Monica and the team are using a drone from the 80s with a visual. Tyler asks for a better view if possible. Jimmy and Darcy point out that the drone is not showing up on the show, just like the jump shots from before. Monica tries to communicate with Wanda, but Wanda says nothing. After a couple of attempts, Monica notices that she is no longer in control of the drone. Tyler, decides this is a good time to take a shot at Wanda. This surprises Monica who thought the drone was unarmed. The visual disappears. Monica questions Tyler on what he did then the breach alarm goes off. Everyon runs to the perimeter, including heavily armed men. 

Wanda walks through the perimeter with the damaged drone and a warning after Tyler casually states the missile was just a precaution. She won’t bother them if they don’t bother home. Tyler says it ain’t that easy, she’s got a town hostage but she points out the guns. Monica points out that Wanda is in control. Wanda arms herself as Monica speaks to Wanda about how at some level Wanda did trust her and see her as an ally. Monica asks Wanda what is it that she wants and no one will take it from her again. With the flick of her wrist and turn of the heel, Wanda walks back to her home as all guns point at Tyler. Tyler pleads for them to stand down. They do when Wanda crosses the perimeter. 

Commercial break for Lagos paper towel brand. “For when you make a mess when you didn’t mean to.” That speaks volumes. 

Billy, Tommy, and Wanda search the neighborhood for their missing dog. They find him at Agne’s, wrapped up. Apparently, Sparky at quite a bit of azalea leaves. The twins look at each other tearfully and nod but Wanda stops them before they try to age themselves up to run away from feeling sadness, stating she knows how they feel. Tommy points out that Wanda can fix anything even the dead. Agnes asks if Wanda can do that. Wanda explains to the boys that some things are forever and they can’t reverse death. However, the boys point out that Wanda said family is forever and ask her to bring Sparky back. Vision walks up and notices what the boys are talking about and hugs them. Later, Wanda and Vision are alone in the kitchen. Vision brings up that he spoke to Norm, the real Norm, who was in pain. Wanda tries to dismiss it but Vision doesn’t want to do another activity just so Wanda can change things again and tells her that she can’t control him like she does everyone else. Wanda cocks her head and says, “Can’t I?” The audience claps and credits roll but Vision isn’t having it. He questions her on what the “Maximoff anomaly” is and that whatever they are going through happened subconsciously at first but now Wanda is aware of it. Wanda plays dumb. 

The credits end, Vision looks like himself and he yells at Wanda that Norm has a family to take care of but can’t do so because of Wanda. Wanda acts like she doesn’t know what he is talking about it. Vision demands that she stops lying to her. The two use their powers to levitate while they argue. Wanda says she’s doing everything for them and he should let her handle it, but Vision says she doesn’t get to make that choice for him. Wanda points out that he has never talked to her like this before and gets on the ground. Vision says he can’t remember anything from before Westview, doesn’t know who he is, and is scared. Wanda calmly tells him that he is her husband, and father to Billy and Tommy. Vision, now on the ground, asks Wanda why there are no other kids in the town. He doesn’t ever see kids at the playground on the way to work. Wanda emotionally asks Vision if he honestly thinks that she controls everything and everyone in town, making them go to dentist appointments and etc. She doesn’t know how this started. Vision tells her what she’s doing is wrong. The doorbell rings. Wanda insists to Vision that she didn’t do that but he doesn’t believe her at all. She wipes her tears and opens the door. Whoever is at the door has her bottom lip trembling. 

The breach alarm seems to be going off at the base. Darcy reaches for her notebook but notices Wanda’s look on the tv and sits down to watch. 

Vision asks Wanda who it is. The reveal is Quicksilver and I am crying. Long lost brother, Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters), walks in asking if he can hug his sister to death. Darcy is surprised that she recast Pietro. Wanda, who looks surprised too, says his name as if she’s questioning it too. Pietro nods that it is him and the two hug. Vision looks down as if he’s disappointed and Pietro asks who he is. 

No lie, I am in tears with that last reveal. The last time I saw Evan Peter’s version of Quicksilver was in Dark Phoenix but his name was Peter so at this point, I am at a loss of what is going on. My OTP (one true pair) ship is breaking and now we have a Pietro from a different multiverse entering? He has to come from a different multiverse because that is the only way to explain it for me! Ya’ll let me know if you have better theories. Wanda should have killed Director Tyler so that Monica could handle things. He’s not fit to handle the title at all. Monica and Captain Marvel’s reunion is going to be messy, no hugs at the beginning, I’m certain. Also, Agnes’ break at the beginning of the show tells us that she knows who is running this warped reality and everyone is aware. I feel for Vision and hope that Wanda comes out of this the best way possible. I need a WandaVision support group. This is too much! I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!

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