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‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 8: “What If…Ultron Won?” — RECAP

‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 8: “What If…Ultron Won?” — RECAP

The Watcher explains that this particular universe breaks his heart as it nears its end.

Natasha communicates with Clint about the Ultron robots on her tail. Clint attacks from the top of a building while Natasha takes them on from a motorcycle. Clint’s robotic arm is blasted off, and then he is thrown off the roof. Luckily, Natasha saves him and his arm. The two are in Russia seeking information on a way to take out Ultron. 

The Watcher explains that in this particular universe, Ultron (Ross Marquand) succeeds in transferring his AI abilities into an organic body with the power of the Mind Stone. Ultron takes out Stark and the Avengers then hacks into a system that releases nuclear bombs into the world. While looking out at the devastation, Ultron is visited by Thanos, who is wearing the gauntlet. He immediately kills Thanos, acquires the Infinity Stones, gains knowledge on the other worlds such as Asgard and the Sovereign, and destroys them to absolutely nothing. 

Captain Marvel comes in to stop Ultron, thrusting him into a world’s core, but she is overpowered by him. After blasting everything in that world, Ultron looks at his accomplishment. The Watcher explains that Ultron no longer has a purpose and that he gains an extra-aware knowledge that he is not alone. Ultron hears the Watcher and turns to face him, stating that he sees the Watcher. Watcher closes the scene of that universe and explains that if Ultron is able to gain access to the multiverse, it will not end well for anyone. Ultron states that he will find the Watcher. However, the Watcher states there is still hope. 

Natasha explains to Clint that they will need to search through the infinite boxes of physical log information in the building. This is the hope that the Watcher was speaking of. He secretly encourages Clint to not give up hope, pointing out how close he is to finding the info. The Watcher even goes as far as thinking aloud that he could interfere and help out, but he doesn’t need to. When Clint gives up, Natasha tries to encourage him and just happens to find the box on an AI by the name of Zola. 

The Watcher is relieved that the information needed to save this universe is found, but that is short-lived. Ultron crashes through the screen. Ultron attacks the Watcher and basks in the chaos of the multiple universes then battles the Watcher. 

Natasha and Clint find the placement of the AI computer that holds Zola’s intelligence. Zola is surprised that Natasha and Clint would think that he would help them, but Clint points out that Zola is the last copy in the world and Clint threatens to pour liquid into them. Zola agrees to help. Natasha calls the Stark tower to reach Ultron so that he can send out his robot army. Clint uploads Zola into a USB, then they burn the computer down. The two are attached by Ultron’s robot army but succeed in taking one into a bunker to upload Zola into it. 

They succeed in uploading Zola, but Zola is unable to reach the hive that controls the army and Ultron, thus is unable to take him out. The three fight their way out of the building, but Clint sacrifices himself in order to ensure that Natasha and Zola get out safely. Natsha asks Zola why he wasn’t able to succeed. He explains that Ultron is not even on the same universe as them and unreachable.

The Watcher fights off Ultron but is thrust into one of the universes. Ultron points out that the Watcher had the power and will to interfere but stood by watching. The Watcher points out that he took an oath not to interfere. Ultron beats the mess out of the Watcher in front of multiple beings of different universes. He almost succeeds in killing the Watcher, but the Watcher is able to get out of his grasp and get away. Ultron doesn’t care what the Watcher does. He thinks the Watcher will continue to keep his oath of not interfering. 

The Watcher is in the bubble universe that is left from Evil Dr. Strange’s mind. He swallows his pride and asks Evil Dr. Strange for help to take out Ultron. 

Now, this was a fun episode! This is the second time that someone or something was able to notice the Watcher watching the universe, but this time he messed up by not helping. Ultron with all the Infinity Stones is not to be messed with. But, I can’t help but wonder why no other beings like the Watcher were able to come to assist. He can’t be the only one watching the multiverses, right? My theory is that he and Strange will get a team together to stop Ultron. I want to connect this to The Eternals movie, but I will hold off for now. 

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