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Women Take the Lead When it Comes to Smartphones

Women Take the Lead When it Comes to Smartphones

Tech hasn’t always been seen as ‘female-friendly’-that was until smartphones. Studies show that women take the lead when it comes to mobile devices.

*Figures taken from Verto Analytics 2017

When it comes to the mobile gender gap, women are paving the way. With a purchasing power worth $40 trillion worldwide women are snapping up technology. In particular, Apple products including Apple Macs, MacBook’s and iPhones. Men on the other hand, prefer Android devices and Windows computers.

Women and Smartphones

In today’s world almost every woman carries a mobile phone. On average women spend at least 12 hours a week using their smartphones. This is because mobile phones have become an essential part of daily life. One of the main reasons for this is convenience. Mobile phones offer a quick and easy connection to the world around us. Meaning that tasks that were once time-consuming like banking can be done faster. Besides convenience, mobile phones are used for online entertainment.

When it comes to women, here are the top things women are using their smartphones for:

Online shopping

According to research done by Oglivy Action, women are more likely to shop using their smartphones. Previously the online shopping market was dominated by men looking for tech goods. However, around the 2000s online shopping became mass market. This shift meant more and more women began online shopping. By the late 2000s, women had become the driving force behind the e-domincommerce boom. In the US $6 out of every $10 dollars spent online is by women. Online retail giants like Amazon and ASOS are driving spending. Last year Amazon raked in nearly $200 billion dollars. Fashion giants ASOS made around £1.9 billion.

Why do women prefer shopping on smartphones?

When it comes to mobile shopping, women view it as a faster and more convenient option. This is because women are also more likely to engage better. From taking advantage of flash sales to price comparing across brands.

Online gaming

For years the world had a stereotypical view of who were gamers. Often, gamers were depicted as ‘nerdy type’ men between 18-35. Over the past few years, the number of women who play online games is increasing. This is partly due to the development of mobile games. Predominantly women who play online games, do so on their smartphones.

What types of games are women playing?

One of the most popular game types for women is online casino games. Once seen as a very male-dominated area, online casinos are now exceptionally female friendly. Available to play on smartphones, online casino games offer instant entertainment. Online casino games like slots also offer a huge amount of choice.

Social Media

Social media has become one of the biggest connectors in society today. Every day millions of people log on to connect with friends, family, and businesses. According to research women are more active on social media than males. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social media sites among women. When it comes to Facebook, 76% of adult females in the US use the site on a daily basis.

Gender Split

Why do women prefer social media sites like Facebook?

When it comes to social media men and women have completely different views. Overall, women use social media as a means to connect with people. Whereas men use social media as a means to source information. This trend is very similar to online shopping as women tend to be better at ‘engaging’. Meaning that when it comes to social media actions women are liking, clicking, and sharing more than men.

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