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24: Legacy Episode 10: 9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

24: Legacy Episode 10: 9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

By Carolyn Hinds

It’s been eight hours and counting since Eric received that fateful phone call from Ben and his world was thrown into utter chaos. In just eight hours, Eric has faced more challenges in his personal life than he could have ever anticipated.

The episode opens with John bound and gagged in the back of the van with Naseri and Jadalla, who seem to be a bit at odds. Jadalla does not trust why he’s there or who Naseri is working for. Naseri just keeps saying that all will be revealed in due time. At this moment I’m positive John wishes he had let Rebecca and Tony continue with their interrogation, because there is no way Henri didn’t know about Naseri being alive, and his kidnapping could’ve been avoided. Instead of being condescending and attempting to be morally superior to Rebecca, John should’ve asked her how to escape if ever kidnapped. Welp, ya live and learn.

Naseri and crew arrive at an overpass, and we see a horribly scarred man emerge from the shadows. It turns out to be Jadalla’s father Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, the terrorist who Rebecca received a medal for killing. It is revealed that Naseri was sent to see if Jadalla was still loyal to the cause, but what became clear to me was that this whole plot was about revenge plain and simple, it has nothing to do with religious ideals. This is all about Ibrahim destroying Rebecca, and honestly, I’m glad, it brings the plot down to a more gritty level.

Nicole turns up at the CTU to confront Eric about the job offer he received from Rebecca. Instead of focusing on being alive, safe, and appreciating that her husband is fighting terrorists to protect her and an entire city, Nicole starts to go in on him because she is beginning to have doubts about their marriage. At this point, the show goes to commercial and the countdown clock they show, says “9:47 p.m,” and I was stunned. Not only has it been just nine hours since all of this drama unfolded, it has taken Nicole less than a full day to have doubts about her marriage. Granted, Nicole has had a difficult day, she’s been shot at repeatedly and kidnapped twice, but seriously, homegirl is doubting Eric and his commitment to their marriage after only nine hours of strife. At this point, I was fed up with her and wished she would go and sit somewhere and count her blessings.

Jadalla somehow (I continue to look suspiciously at Mariana), contacts Rebecca on her cell through an encrypted phone line, he tells her that John will be executed for all the world to see if Rebecca doesn’t turn herself over. Rebecca interrupts Nicole and Eric and tells him she’ll use herself as a decoy so Eric can take a shot at Jadalla. Now at this point, we know whenever anyone on this show tries to pull off a plan with just two people it NEVER WORKS, and I knew this time would be no different.

As they are driving to the meeting point, Eric reveals to Rebecca that Nicole found the job letter, this created another moment in the show where we once again see Corey Hawkins’ growth as an actor. In this scene, Corey was able to convey a very vulnerable and unsure aspect of Eric’s personality. Eric acknowledges that there is something within him that craves danger, he moved from carrying guns on the streets to carrying guns in the army. To me it’s obvious that Eric is an adrenaline junkie, who, instead of throwing himself off the top of mountains, decided to become a soldier. And for Eric, this is creating a very interesting dichotomy, of whether he is fighting out of nobility or just because he likes the danger, and therefore Nicole may have a point.

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Rebecca and Eric arrive at the meeting spot, Eric diverts to find higher ground to cover Rebecca with sniper fire. She walks onto an open field that turns out to be saturated in gasoline (this isn’t going to end well) Jadalla, wants Rebecca to turn herself over without releasing John, and Rebecca lets him know that this isn’t her first hostage negotiation. When Rebecca refuses to read a confession crafted by Jadalla, he lights a flare, as a signal he’s ready to kill her the same way she caused his father’s death. Remember when I said that plans always fail when just two people are involved?

Remember when I said that plans always fail when just two people are involved? Well, I was right, because this plan literally went up in flames. Eric shoots Jadalla to prevent him from setting the field on fire, which in turn caused Jadalla to fall and set the field on fire. Smh, I just knew it.

Rebecca tries to outrun the fire as it spreads, and out of nowhere, she falls. For a moment I thought this was a grade B horror movie. I mean, really? In this whole open field, she manages to trip on a completely random object, I can’t. Seeing Rebecca fall, Eric calls Keith at CTU, and asks him to ping her phone so he can hear it ring, Rebecca answers and tells him she heard the voice of Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, that he’s alive. Everyone realizes the situation has gotten ten times worse than they ever thought possible. Not only is Ibrahim out for revenge for what was done to him, he’s about to be out for more blood because Eric just killed Jadalla.

My musings on this episode

  1. Isaac has some nerve trying to poach Nicole following her argument with Eric, like sir, have you no shame?
  2. Nicole needs to go and sit in a corner and reflect on her life, if after nine hours, she’s doubting her marriage and Eric’s commitment.
  3. I have a feeling that Keith’s boss is up to no good, he keeps trying to stop Rebecca, by claiming it’s for national security reasons, but I smell a rat.
  4. There are only two more hours left in this season of 24: Legacy and I know I’m not prepared for what’s to come. Each episode is filled with more action and tension and manages to top the one that came before.

Carolyn Hinds: ” I’m a Barbadian living in Toronto, Canada, I’m a nerd who spends time coming up with plot theories for TV shows, and avid fan of Jane Austin, my favourite shows are The Walking Dead, The Expanse and blackish. I’m an avid reader and will do karaoke anytime anywhere”.

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