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’24: Legacy’ Star Corey Hawkins is Proving to be a Great Successor to Kiefer Sutherland

’24: Legacy’ Star Corey Hawkins is Proving to be a Great Successor to Kiefer Sutherland


New 24 franchise star Corey Hawkins stars as Eric Carter in 24: Legacy. He’s doing a fantastic job, but first, let’s catch you up on the latest episode of the new FOX series.

The last episode of 24: Legacy, “5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.,” ended with the massive explosion of the Jefferson bride, executed by sleeper cell agent Amira, who — despite being shot — managed to detonate the bomb hidden in the truck she was driving. As the explosion occurred, the wife of Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), Nicole (Anna Diop) and his brother Isaac (Ashley Thompson) were kidnapped by Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque), in order to use them as leverage against Eric, and blackmail him into turning over the flash-drive containing the names and locations of the remaining 13 sleeper terrorist cells.

We start this hour, 6:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m., with the CTU coordinating with Homeland Security to shut down major travel routes in the city. Former director of the CTU, Rebecca Ingram approaches Keith Mullins, the new head of the division about submitting Henry Donovan (Gerald McRaney), for “enhanced interrogation” once he is released from CTU custody following their questioning of him regarding his involvement the death of Eric’s Ranger team and connection to Jadalla. Keith asks if she is sure about this considering Henry is the father of John Donovan (Jimmy Smitts) who is not only a Senator and Presidential candidate, but also Rebecca’s husband. Despite his reservations, Keith agrees to Rebecca’s plan and asks who would do perform the interrogation, she tells him the only person she trusts to perform the interrogation, is Tony Almeida, a former operative with the CTU.

After receiving the call from Jadalla, Eric contacts communications analyst Andy Shalowitz for help in tracking Jadalla and getting Eric’s family back. Andy, as any smart person would, expresses doubts about Eric’s rather shaky plan. Eric basically tells him it’s a suicide mission, but the benefits outweigh the risks, as the Jadalla cannot get the list. In Jadalla’s hideaway, Nicole and Isaac are having a heart-to-heart, when Nicole is taken away so she can attend to Jadalla’s bullet wound. Nicole shows true grace under pressure, when she refuses to cower, and warns Jadalla if he aims at Eric, he better not miss.

Back at the CTU, as Andy attempts to write a code to corrupt the data on the flash-drive, he and Eric are interrupted by field agent and Thomas Locke (Bailey Chase), who pulls a gun on Eric, to stop them from going through with their plan, a fight ensues but is halted by Andy pulling a gun on Thomas, who then tells Andy he would dare shoot him, to which Eric replies “no, but I would”.

As Eric and Andy make their getaway, a small group of masked men roll-up on the convoy transporting Henry home from the CTU. As the masked men get into the vehicle with Henry and drive off, one of them removes his mask, revealing him to be Tony Almeida. John calls Keith after he is informed that his father was not at home as expected. Keith hands the phone over to Rebecca so she can provide an explanation to John, Rebecca tells him Henry has to be questioned, but she can’t give him anymore information and will call him back.

Eric and Andy arrive at the trade-off location, but when Jadalla demands they hand over the flash-drive before releasing Nicole and Isaac, Erick puts his gun to Andy’s head, and informs Jadalla he needs Andy more than he needs Eric or his family. After a tense standoff between Eric who is (holding a gun to Andy’s head), and Jadalla, Nicole and Isaac are released. Eric apologizes for the distance between him and Isaac, and tells Nicole he loves her and to go with Isaac. As they drive away, Eric surrenders to Jadalla, and he and Andy are thrown into the back of the can Isaac and Nicole were freed from. Simultaneously, at a black site, Tony and his sidekick Sidra (Moran Atias) begin their interrogation of Henry, by utilising a chemical cocktail that will cause extreme pain. Rebecca watches as the questioning begins, while contemplating what will happen to her marriage as a result.

My thoughts on this episode:

  • I’ve only seen two episodes of the original 24 series, and honestly, I cannot recall if the character of Tony was in them, but from the excitement on Twitter when his name was mentioned, I quickly realised he was not only popular, but that he is also not someone to be messed with. When Tony asked Rebecca “you ok?”, I noted he said it very intimately, which lead me to conclude that they were once an item, but I also wondered if their relationship occurred while she was married to John. And if so, does John know about it? Because if he does, it puts a whole new spin on the drama to come once he finds out what Tony is doing to Henry.
  • Despite being an analyst, someone whose job is to sit in front of a computer all day long, Andy has continually shown more initiative and courage than I thought he was capable of. He has been able to overcome his fears and do what needs to be done, because he realizes his sacrifices are for the greater good, and for that he is quickly becoming a favourite character for me.
  • Thomas has the WORST TIMING EVER, he kept showing up and putting a wrench in Eric and Andy’s plans! I just wanted him to go away so Andy could have his moment to shine and be a hero.
  • Nicole is no shrinking violet. Like Andy, she continues to show courage and never backs down no matter who’s threatening her. This character has proven to be quite important to the story not only as Eric’s motivation but also because she isn’t the typical damsel in distress whose sole purpose is to prop up the main male lead. Nicole is her own person, with her own opinions.
  • As each episode progresses, we see Corey Hawkins grow as an actor. His portrayal of Eric grows more nuanced and stronger. With very subtle eye movements and change in body language, he is able to convey how Eric feels and what he is thinking. Hawkins shows that is able to hold his own among more experienced actors and is a great successor to the legacy of Jack Bauer.

Carolyn Hinds is a Bajan living in Toronto, who loves books, T.V. shows, movies, random facts, and books P.S. Black don’t crack, it bends(c).

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  • Thank you so much for reviewing 24 Legacy. Cory Hawkins is powerful in this show. I was under so fog about this show until episode 3 and happening to catch a segment live. I was hooked and went back to get up to date. Nicole is in dangerously to emotional cheating. Andy has gotten some nerve up. I like his character a lot. I can not wait to see where they take the show. I believe it will go far.

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