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4 Women in Finance to Follow for Financial Literacy Month

4 Women in Finance to Follow for Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month. This doesn’t mean our responsibilities stop so we can manage our finances. Thinking about money can be stressful and time-consuming and can feel like a trip to the dentist. Talking about budgets, investing, and the big D — debt — can be bothersome.

Yet some extraordinary women are making these conversations easier and more accessible. If managing your finances has been at the bottom of your to-do list, here are four women to follow who can make this process easier and fun. These women take the financial knowledge guarded by white males and communicate it in a digestible way for everyday women, helping women everywhere pay their bills and have some money left over to treat themselves.

Berna Anat: Self-Proclaimed Financial Hype Woman

Bernadette “Berna” Anat is one of the most relatable people in finance. This first-generation Filipino millennial is your biggest fan when it comes to managing your money. She will cheer and twerk to every financial milestone you reach. Anat is a speaker, producer, and edutainer. When she took her first dive into the world of finance, she surfaced paying off $50,000 in debt in three years. While following every finance video on the internet, she noticed that the finance world was, in her words, “hella male and hella pale.” She is on a mission to financially empower women by helping them break the shame around their money.

Reasons to follow: There are no boring money videos with Anat. She will dress up, dance, and find the most creative ways to educate you on budgeting, investing, saving, and getting out of debt.

Where to follow: YouTube; Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @HeyBerna

Podcast: Money Please!

Clever Girl Finance: A Well-Rounded Community for Financial Wellness

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance has grown into a platform that provides women with financial guidance. The platform’s authors provide resources and products to help women feel financially empowered. Some of their values focus on moving past financial mistakes and creating a solid foundation no matter your financial status. They produce content to help you stay motivated every day and reach a place of financial security. They believe that with financial education, you can make better money choices for your future self.

Reasons to follow: Free, easy to use, and — in case you missed it — free resources that can help you build a strong foundation of financial success. The platform has courses to help you get out of debt and start saving. The best part is that you can be connected to a community that believes in financial freedom for all women.

Unsung Heroes: The Six Triple Eight

Where to follow: YouTube; Instagram; Twitter; Facebook

Ramona Ortega: The Dinero Diva

This serial entrepreneur has created a way to help millennial women budget and become more confident in managing their money. Ortega founded My Money My Future, a tech company that provides content and tools for all your money management needs. Ramona Ortega is looking out for the Black and Brown communities. Growing up with little knowledge about money, she made many mistakes. Now her drive is to support the next generation in building wealth for their families and communities.

Reasons to follow: Ortega’s platform, My Money My Future, focuses on building wealth through investing. It also has an easy-to-follow budgeting tool as well as ways to learn and create an action plan to put what you’ve learned into practice. You can also join a community and have access to financial professionals.

Where to follow: Twitter: @dinero_diva; Instagram

Patricia Washington: The Holistic Finance Expert

Patricia Washington is a speaker, coach, and number No. 1 bestselling author. She speaks to women who want to do what they love, make an impact, and get paid well while doing it. Washington teaches women to live a disciplined yet fulfilled life. Some of her knowledge comes from being a personal finance expert for Steve Harvey’s radio and television shows. Her content offers a more holistic approach to money and contradicts much of the popular advice you might hear from financial gurus. 

Reasons to follow: Washington will help you live your best life while keeping your finances in check and not sacrificing the things that matter to you. She teaches you to chase purpose, not money. That money is a by-product of a healthy and wealthy life. If you’re tired of chasing money and want to live a life with more purpose and joy, Washington has free video and audio content to help you get started. Her content not only supports your financial growth but also helps you build positive relationships and become mentally fit. She will help you not only get the money you want but create the lifestyle that you want. 

Where to follow: YouTube; Instagram; Twitter; Facebook; Podcast: The Redefining Wealth Podcast

Whether you choose to follow one of these women or all four, the important thing to remember is that financial education is the key to living a life of financial freedom and success. Get started by deciding how you best learn — whether through visuals, graphics, video training, or writing — and use that to educate yourself on all things money.


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