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5 Anime School Uniforms We’d Rock In Real Life

5 Anime School Uniforms We’d Rock In Real Life

In anime, most of our heroes are middle or high school students who wear school uniforms — just like real-life scholars in Japan. These outfits not only represent uniformity but the honorable reputations of the institutes. However, sometimes artists take these standardized looks a step further by adding stylish twists to elevate an otherwise ordinary outfit to something cosplayable. Here are five examples of school uniforms in anime that are so fierce, that we’d rock them in real life. 

  1. Hyakkaou Private Academy’s School Uniform Is Affluent Vogue

Anime: Kakegurui

Where To Watch: Netflix

Hyakkaou Private Academy’s threads are so clean that they deserve a spread in a fashion magazine. The appeal of the Academy’s red, black, and white ensemble is undeniable, and cosplayers worldwide replicate the fit IRL. The private school’s uniform has a look that screams “affluence,” which is perfect for a school that houses the children of some of the wealthiest people in the world. 

The signature look consists of:

  • A red and black button-up blazer with gold accents. 
  • A white collared shirt.
  • A black tie (traditional knit for boys, cross bowtie for the ladies.)
  • Black houndstooth bottoms (slacks for guys, pleated skirt for girls.)
  • And brown shoes. 

Some students have their own takes on the uniform, with added accents and accessories that match their quirky personalities. Even though the halls are filled with countless original takes –– like the adorable Runa Yomozuki’s kawaii overcoat –– no one rocks the uniform quite like Yumeko Jabami. Her red blazer and black tights serve a sleek curve-hugging look.    

  1. U.A. High School’s Various Uniforms Make Us Want To Fill Out An Application

Anime: My Hero Academia

Where To Watch: Funimation, Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia’s high school students have uniforms that are fly enough to be rocked IRL and give fans yet another reason to wish they were students at U.A. High. The gym uniforms are a two-piece top and bottom that flow together seamlessly, giving the illusion of an all-in-one jumpsuit.

The royal blue outfit is cleverly designed to incorporate the school’s name throughout the garment with a giant white “U” that wraps around the neck and collar, followed by a massive white “A” that runs from the midsection of the top and continues down the pant legs. As much as we love the gym uniform though, the everyday look is the best by far, with a design and color scheme that is straight fire. 

U.A.’s everyday uniform is a grey, green, and white ensemble with an accented red tie that brings the look together. Deku and the gang walk the halls in grey blazers with green stripes that decorate the shoulders, lapels, and sleeves. The blazer is accented with gold buttons that give it a clean, upscale look. The uniform is complete with a white collared shirt, green bottoms (pants for guys and a pleated skirt for girls), and a skinny red tie that gives the uniform a bold pop of color.  

  1.  Ousai Academy’s Uniform Is Posh Galore

Anime: Seitokai Yakuindomo

Where To Watch: Hi-Dive, Crunchyroll

Seitokai Yakuindomo’s Ousai Academy has a uniform filled with posh aesthetics that serve “Fall time fine.” The camel-colored coat paired with the matching brown bottoms looks more like a ‘fit we’d see walking in the streets of NYC’s Upper East Side, thanks to its elegant silhouette and use of neutral colors.

Ousai Academy’s classy uniform is made up of a fitted single-breasted camel blazer, with two buttons in the front and along the sleeves. Members of the school council, like Shino Amakusa and Kaede Igarashi, don red armbands to signify their positions of power. Underneath is a white long-sleeved button-down top which is brought together with a red tie (a traditional skinny tie for guys and a bow tie for the ladies.) The uniform is complete with coffee brown colored bottoms that are available in relaxed fit slacks for guys and a plaid pleated skirt for girls. This sophisticated uniform is stylish enough to be added to our wardrobe, for sure.      

  4. Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School’s Uniform Embodies Elite

Anime: Classroom of the Elite

Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

If you went to a school whose treatment of its students was dependent on an elitist ranking system, you must look your best. The uniforms in Classroom Of The Elite’s private school match that energy perfectly. The bold, stylish uniforms in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High have a look that screams “you can’t sit with us.” The standard look is a regal ensemble that reminds onlookers that the students attend one of the highest-ranked schools in the country. 

The uniform features a striking crimson blazer that’s offset by its purple accented pockets. That touch of purple perfectly compliments the students’ royal blue ties (standard skinny for guys and a bow tie for girls). The jacket is elevated by its golden features that include a bold outline that runs along the silhouette, embodying prestige and making jaws drop. 

Underneath is a traditional white-collared shirt complete with forest green slacks for guys and a white pleated skirt for girls that features navy trimming that runs along the hem. Students like Ichika Amasawa can be seen wearing their own variations of the uniform, however, no one rocks the uniform quite like Arisu Sakayanagi whose barret, garter belt, and custom layered skirt add a fierce trendy touch. 

5. Sobu High School’s Uniform Takes Simplicity To The Next Level

Anime: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Where To Watch: Hi-Dive

My Teen Romantic Comedy’s Sobu High has a uniform that takes a standard academia look to the next level. The outfit’s addition of bold outlines and prints proves that sometimes simple added touches and fine attention to detail are all you need to make an everyday look fashion-forward. 

The students at Sobu High wear a black two-button blazer with a bold white outline that runs along the lapel and collar all the way down the center. The bright outline provides a simple vivid detail that catches the eye and highlights the opening of the jacket. Underneath, students wear a white collared shirt that’s fastened by a color-coded tie (a green knit tie for guys and a red ribbon tie for girls.) 

The guys’ look is kept monotonous with plain black bottoms, however, the ladies’ white mini’s really shone thanks to green and red plaid stripes that accentuate the pleats of the skirt. Students like Iroha Isshiki can be seen adding colored cardigans underneath their jackets, however, no one rocks the uniform quite like Yukino Yukinoshita with red ribbons and striped knee highs that make this everyday attire look chic.       

These five shows offer fresh takes on school uniforms that are appreciated by otakus and fashionistas alike. You can watch more high school-themed titles like Classroom Of The Elite now on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hi-Dive.  

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