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6 Anime Crushes to Make You Swoon

6 Anime Crushes to Make You Swoon

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It’s inevitable that while watching a show that we’ll discover our favorites. It’s also inevitable that a few of those favorites might be characters we have a crush on. No need to be ashamed of it; we all went through a phase where we printed out pictures of our fictional crushes and put them on the covers of our binders or bought posters of them and taped them to our bedroom walls. So let’s take a look at some characters that have anime fans holding our chests and sighing wistfully. 

Spike Spiegel: Cowboy Bebop

Is it his suit? Is it his cool, laid-back demeanor? Is it the fact that he’s a handsome space cowboy who runs his own team of talented misfits, one of which is an intelligent corgi? It’s all of the above. Spike oozes cool, and there’s something attractive about a man who goes on a journey to avenge the woman he loves. Spike’s final battle with Vicious is heartbreaking, but it’s also heartwarming when you think about why he’s going to such lengths in the first place. It’s all to avenge his love Julia. That’s the kind of chivalry you simply can’t buy. Anyone would be lucky to see this space cowboy. 

Asuna: Sword Art Online

We can’t let the men have all the fun. The women of anime have their admirers as well, and one character who has her own devoted fan club is Asuna from SAO. Between her prowess as a fighter and her story of how she became one of the top players in the game, Asuna has touched the hearts of many. This can be seen at many conventions where the Asuna cosplays are abundant. Asuna is even seen to be a loving and devoted parent to her and Kirito’s adopted daughter Yui. It’s clear to see that Kirito is one lucky guy, and many viewers share his love of the strong and dedicated Asuna. 

Inosuke Hashibira: Demon Slayer

Yes, he’s a hot head and he can be weird at times. But, it’s hard to ignore those rippling muscles and what’s hiding underneath that warthog mask. Inosuke may be on the weirder side, and that’s saying a lot considering the crew he rolls with, but he has his charm. Take, for example, his skills in battle and piercing green eyes or the confidence that emanates in every move and word he speaks. Inosuke approaches every fight like he’s sure to win it, and that makes viewers root for him. He’s also had a rough go of it in life, with a backstory that both pulls at your heart and demonstrates his immense inner as well as physical strength. You might not want to date Inosuke long term, but you’d be willing to let him hang around for a week or two, just to see what it’s like. 

Hinata Hyuga: Naruto: Shippuden

Talk about a glow up. Hinata went from a shy and introverted girl in Part 1 who was considered an anomaly in her clan to a capable fighter and exceptionally beautiful young woman in Part 2. There are many criticisms that could be thrown at the storylines that developed after the Shinobi World War arc, but Hinata’s personal character development was solid. Even when most of her storyline consists of being in love with Naruto, you can still see how she’s come into her own and gained a confidence that she didn’t possess in Part 1. It also helps that she gained confidence in her looks, as she traded her baggy clothing for more form fitting outfits and even grew out her hair. It’s something that her clan is known for, but just happens to suit her quite well. 

Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba: Sailor Moon

It wouldn’t be a list of anime crushes without many 1990s girls’ first anime crush. Mamoru is the boyfriend of Usagi and by night is the vigilante Tuxedo Mask. Although he’s presented as a bit of a jerk in the beginning of the series, Mamoru proves to be a loving and devoted boyfriend. He also takes to the sudden appearance of his daughter Chibiusa rather quickly. Another point is that Mamoru is very patient with Usagi’s up-and-down mood swings and can even talk her down from a meltdown. Add to the fact that he’s easy on the eyes, and it’s no wonder that young girls would wake up early in the morning to watch Mamoru and Usagi’s love story. He may not be the Bachelor but many of us would not turn down a rose from Tuxedo Mask. 

Yoruichi Shihouin: Bleach

Watch out, this girl has claws. Captain of the 2nd division and what many would call their first experience seeing a Black woman in an anime, Yoruichi has made her mark on the anime community. A skilled Shinigami with the ability to transform into a black cat, Yoruichi is also in possession of an incredible wit and sense of humor. She takes pleasure in teasing Ichigo and even the often scary Byakuya. She often spends her time in her cat form, but when she decides to grace us with a look at her human form, it’s clear to see that she’s a knockout. And who could resist those flowing purple locks and glowing yellow eyes? 

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