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9 Girl Groups to Help Get You Back Into the Groove for the Fall Season

9 Girl Groups to Help Get You Back Into the Groove for the Fall Season

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With Hot Girl Summer ending, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and adjust your summer playlist. The fall schedule can be busy, so you need music that will get you through the days of back-to-school shopping, quarter-four preparations, and the return to routine life. 

Because the start of fall can be overwhelming, you should add these girl groups to your playlist. Their fun, empowering, and energetic songs will help you start a new season. 

Girl Groups from the ’70s

The 1970s was the disco era, so of course this list starts with women who helped create such a phenomenal and groovy style of music.

  1. Sister Sledge

If you don’t know this disco group of sisters, you’re probably more familiar with their hit song “We Are Family,” a memorable song that has been played on TV shows, movies, family reunions, and more.

The group consisted of Kathy, Kim, Joni, and Debbie Sledge. The sisters started recording music in their teens and became international sensations. From humble beginnings in North Philadelphia, the girls sang for community events, fashion shows, and church. Much of their success occurred abroad by performing in places such as Tokyo and the U.K., where their single “Mama Never Told Me” reached #20 on the U.K. charts.

Some of their best hits include:

  • “We Are Family”
  • “He’s the Greatest Dancer”
  • “Lost in Music”
  1. The Emotions

The Emotions, another girl group of sisters (Jeanette, Sheila, and Wanda Hutchinson), were known for their strong vocals in their most acclaimed song, “Best of My Love.” Although they were a group from the ’70s, their music would go on to influence and be sampled by hip hop artists such as Ice Cube, A Tribe Called Quest, and Brand Nubian. Starting from gospel roots from their hometown of Chicago, the group grew into an R&B sensation. Their career took them to collaborate with Earth, Wind, and Fire. 

Hit songs include:

  • “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”
  • “Boogie Wonderland”
  • “Best of My Love”

Girl Groups from the ’80s and ’90s

Arguably, the two greatest decades of music, the 80s and 90s, were when pop music took over the world. With many amazing artists emerging during this time, you probably have a few well-known groups in your music library. However, if your playlist needs more songs to groove to, check out these fantastic groups.

  1. En Vogue

This Grammy-nominated group has many songs worthy of any playlist. Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson, and Terry Ellis came together in July of 1989 in Oakland, California, to make music that people would jam to for decades. 

The group became popular through MTV and won seven MTV Video Music Awards or VMAs. They have sold over 28 million albums and singles globally. They are one of the most successful female groups in MTV history. 

Hit songs to add to your playlist

  • “Don’t Let Go (Love)”
  • “Free Your Mind”
  • “Hold On”
  1. Destiny’s Child

You probably already have some tracks from this iconic group on repeat, but if you don’t, here is a reminder to do so. The group that set the foundation for Beyonce’s stardom, Destiny’s Child has songs that will have you feeling pumped up and empowered any day of the week. 

If you’ve followed this group since 1998, when they debuted their self-titled album, you know that the group dynamics have changed over the years. However, the core members Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams have made songs that bring back nostalgia and joy.

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Songs that should already be on your playlist

  • “Independent Women”
  • “Survivor”
  • “Bootylicious”
  1. Salt-N-Pepa

From unfocused college students to the first female rappers to be certified platinum, Salt-N-Pepa is a group that needs to be penetrating your headphones. 

This rap duo captured the hearts of many in the ’90s and for decades to come because they weren’t afraid to be honest and direct with their music. They came to fame during a time when many women rappers weren’t getting a lot of attention. Cheryl James and Sandra Denton made music for female audiences. Also a part of the group was DJ Spinderella.

Songs to make your playlist even better,

  • “Let’s Talk about Sex”
  • “Whatta Man”
  • “Push It”
  1. TLC

With 65 million albums sold, TLC is among the best-selling American girl groups worldwide. 

Their influential music has helped them to win three Billboard Music Awards, five Soul Train Music Awards, and five Grammy awards. 

Like Salt-N-Pepa, TLC was a group whose music was about empowerment. Unafraid to address real-world issues in their music, the award-winning group captured the hearts of listeners in the United States and abroad. They even received the Legend Award from MTV Japan Awards in 2013. 

After the unfortunate death of Lisa “Left Eye,” Lopes, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins continued to make music honoring their friend and former group member. 

Songs that are a must-listen-to:

  • “No Scrubs”
  • “Unpretty”
  • “Waterfalls”

Girl Groups from the 2000s and 2010s

The early 2000s continued to be a prominent time for girl groups. Here are some from those decades whose music still makes an impact today. 

  1. 3LW

As a dynamic singing group, 3LW is known to have developed a style of music called “ghetto pop.” The group was initially composed of singers Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon, and Kiely Williams; however, when Naughton left the group, she was replaced by Jessica “J” Benson. 

These girls entered stardom while balancing school work and performances. However, they did well and took home the Album of the Year during the 2001 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. 

Songs to have on repeat:

  • “No More (Baby I’m a Do Right)”
  • “Playas Gon’ Play”
  • “I Do”

Girl Groups of Today

  1. June’s Diary

Selected by former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, Gabby, Kristal, Ashly, Brienna, and Shyann are the members of June’s Diary.

Taking much of their inspiration from past groups such as En Vogue and the Supremes, the group was named after June, representing new beginnings. Their six-song EP, All of Us, reached No. 18 on Billboard, and the group continues to push forward with their music. 

Songs to add to your playlist:

  • “L.A.N.C.E.”
  • “All of Us”
  • “Stay”
  1. Oshun

Taking their name from the Yoruba deity, Oshun is a hip-hop and soul duo. Two Washington D.C. natives, Thandiwe and Niambi Sala, started collaborating during college and have created music described as “ “the sonic manifestation of Afrofuturism.” Much of their music embodies the energy and representation of the goddess Oshun. It focuses on cultivating loving, sweet, and beautiful energy.

Songs to listen to:

  • “M@n Like That — Oshun Version”
  • “Kali”
  • “Burn”

Who are some girl groups we have left off this list that you like to listen to? Sound off on social media!

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